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It is often used to disinfest commodities destined for foreign markets, especially where these commodities require quarantine treatment for certain pests.
The facility houses a MeV accelerator and is conducting R&D on the use of E-beams as an alternative to chemical treatments of agricultural commodities to (1) disinfest insects and other pests, (2) sterilize fruit flies, (3) retard the ripening process, and (4) prevent spoilage due to bacteria and fungi.
For about 50 years, California's strawberry industry has relied on chemical fumigants to disinfest soil of pathogens, as well as to control weeds and nematodes.
Before this research was conducted, 400 Gy was the minimum radiation dose required to disinfest dragon fruit of all pest species.
I had to provide my own car for the job but I remember how often I had to disinfest it myself because of service-users I had to ferry to a safe place; the number of times I had to take people to a health centre to be deloused and provide them with fresh clothing when their own had to be burnt; the number of times I had to delouse, de-flea myself and treat myself for scabies.
Quarantine or phytosanitary treatments such as heat, cold, irradiation, and fumigation are used to disinfest commodities like fruits and vegetables of insect pests before they are exported to areas where the pests aren't found," explains Follett.
Solarization and biofumigation help disinfest soil.
Sodium and calcium hypochlorite are prescribed to be used at different concentrations and times of exposure to disinfest seeds (ARDITTI; ERNST, 1984; PIERRIK, 1997).