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rid of vermin

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Disinfest the maze by spraying it down with alcohol and wiping it with a paper towel.
Traditional efforts to disinfect and disinfest food and agricultural products, have primarily utilized chemical, heat, or radiation inputs with often undesirable results.
It is often used to disinfest commodities destined for foreign markets, especially where these commodities require quarantine treatment for certain pests.
Phytosanitary irradiation (PI) is used to disinfest fresh commodities of quarantine pests in a number of countries before they can be exported to countries threatened by the pests (Hallman 2011).
Sodium and calcium hypochlorite are prescribed to be used at different concentrations and times of exposure to disinfest seeds (ARDITTI; ERNST, 1984; PIERRIK, 1997).
Quarantine or phytosanitary treatments such as heat, cold, irradiation, and fumigation are used to disinfest commodities like fruits and vegetables of insect pests before they are exported to areas where the pests aren't found," explains Follett.