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treatment to destroy harmful microorganisms

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This is the sixth peer-reviewed study published by a hospital that experienced a decrease in Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) rates after it began using the Xenex pulsed xenon Full Spectrum(TM) ultraviolet (UV) room disinfection system to destroy the microorganisms that cause HAIs.
The Global Disinfection Cabinet Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the disinfection cabinet industry.
UV disinfection is evolving as the latest technology in the water treatment industry.
The technology is attracting the attention of businesses and municipalities that want to realise substantial energy cost savings and eliminate toxic chemicals through alternatives to traditional chlorine- and UV-based wastewater disinfection systems.
The study assessed hand contamination of physicians, nurses and research staff six to eight hours after disinfection procedures.
The preliminary results of this study show solar disinfection of water combined with citrus could be effective at greatly reducing E.
The researchers used GIS software to link data on children's blood-lead concentrations, the age of each residential building, and areas where chloramine disinfection went into use.
Effective microbial disinfection of the whole manufacturing process is therefore essential.
Of concern are substances called trihalomethanes, which are created when organic material in California Aqueduct water comes in contact with chlorine used for disinfection.
Meyer, a physician-pathologist from Louisville, Kentucky, spent a lifetime researching the disinfection of mail (18).
The authors say this may indicate that repeated exposure to disinfection by-products around indoor swimming pools damages Clara cell function.
In this column, we will clarify several basic issues concerning potable water quality including disinfection, taste and odor, and a few different configurations of distribution systems.
Written by three practicing engineers with many years of experience in the design of water treatment facilities, Disinfection Alternatives for Safe Drinking Water discusses trends and legislation, what's known about the mechanisms of disinfection, and the relative accuracy of techniques for determining the toxicity of chemicals.
In addition to handwashing with antiseptic products, hand disinfection also includes the use of alcohol-containing waterless hand sanitizers.
has delivered its first Single Lamp Reactor (SLR) Ultra Guard(R) for production, the Municipal Wastewater Disinfection System.