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  • verb

Synonyms for disinfect

Synonyms for disinfect

to render free of microorganisms

Antonyms for disinfect

destroy microorganisms or pathogens by cleansing

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CLEAR CARE PLUS Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution is now available in the United States for over-the-counter purchase.
Therefore, the agency recommends that alternative, legally marketed products be used for sterilizing or disinfecting reusable medical devices.
Comet Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner cleans and disinfects wet surfaces in one step, when used as directed, without extra products to buy or use.
Granite Gold Disinfecting Wipes kill germs and won't harm sealed stone surfaces (Photo: Business Wire)
1] Based on disinfecting claims and contact times listed on product master label (as of Aug.
Cleaning and disinfecting are vital steps for successful restroom maintenance," said Mike Thompson, Senior Vice President, Cintas Facility Services.
New Patent for Curos Disinfecting Port Protectors to be issued June 26, 2012 by USPTO
Arjo introduces the Tornado, a revolutionary Flusher Disinfector for cleaning and disinfecting bed pans, urinals and other contaminated receptacles.
The second round was conducted after the disinfecting procedure and also failed to show any danger.
In Celebration of National Pizza Month, Scotch-Brite (TM ) brand Encourages Families to Prepare Their Own Homemade Pizzas Right on the Countertop After Using this No-Rinse Disinfecting Solution
s Disinfecting Rediwipes(TM) are a safe and economical solution to this pressing problem.
Home Expert Constance Ramos and Germ Expert Joe Rubino Educate Consumers on the Importance of Disinfecting the Home
Featuring Unotron's SpillSeal(R) patented technology to safeguard against the risk of infection and cross-contamination, this innovative product allows for complete up-and-down finger motion that mirrors natural typing, endures repeated disinfecting, and eliminates the need to frequently replace keyboards.
With so many children in one place, day care centers typically are careful to follow regular cleaning and disinfecting routines to reduce the potential transmission of viruses and bacteria," Boone said.
18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Ivera Medical Corporation today announced it has received a new FDA 510(k) clearance for its Curos[R] disinfecting port protector which reflects the company's ongoing determination to continuously improve its products to better deliver solutions designed to reduce hospital-acquired catheter related bloodstream infections.