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Synonyms for disinfect

Synonyms for disinfect

to render free of microorganisms

Antonyms for disinfect

destroy microorganisms or pathogens by cleansing

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Use only bottled water or water that has been disinfected by filtration, boiling, chlorination, or iodination for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, and brushes teeth.
The plan calls for the recycled water system to tie into a proposed waterline for treated, disinfected water to be built along Avenue E from Sanitation District 14's sewage treatment plant.
Disinfect Hot Spots -- "Hot spots," or commonly touched areas where viruses and bacteria may linger, need to be disinfected regularly -- especially when you have a large family or guests over, when areas such as counter tops, doorknobs, toilet seats and light switches get more traffic than usual.
For the nation's 65,000+ Chiropractors, Unotron's SpillSeal[R] computer keyboards and mice promote wellness since they can be cleaned and disinfected and are ergonomically sound, with keys that travel easily without placing stress on fingers and hands.
We touch an average of 300 surfaces in every half-hour of activity, and many of them are spots that never get disinfected, Reynolds said.
Children's toys, play equipment and outdoor furniture in contact with flood waters also should be disinfected before use.
The first round of tests - conducted before water pipes were flushed and disinfected - proved negative for bacterial contamination.
DALLAS -- Responding to current requirements for affordably priced, soft touch computer keyboards that can be disinfected, along with demand for wireless convenience, Unotron, Inc.
confirms that its SpillSeal(R) patented technology allows its keyboards, mice and smart card readers to be repeatedly washed and disinfected.
Emergency authorities estimate the water crisis may extend for as long as 30 days, until equipment at the water treatment plant can be cleaned and disinfected.
drinking water supplies are disinfected with chlorine or chlorine-based compounds.
As American businesses heed warnings that as much as 40 percent of their workforces will be out if a flu pandemic strikes, corporate chieftains nationwide are authorizing the purchase of SpillSeal(R) washable computer keyboards, mice and smart card readers that can be disinfected to mitigate the spread of infection.
Because the sterilizing solution failed an EPA-required test for potency, there is an increased possibility that instruments would not be adequately disinfected.