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  • verb

Synonyms for disinfect

Synonyms for disinfect

to render free of microorganisms

Antonyms for disinfect

destroy microorganisms or pathogens by cleansing

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Chemours will retain the Glycolic Acid business, based in Belle, West Virginia, which was historically part of the Clean and Disinfect Business.
Always use fresh solution to disinfect contact lenses and a minimum of six hours soaking time for effective disinfection.
That's why it's important to sanitize and disinfect surfaces that are touched often, like counters and doorknobs.
Heat, ultraviolet radiation, filtration, or some combination of these can disinfect water, just as chlorine can.
Farmers - even those in never-infected areas - should disinfect themselves on returning to their farms, and particularly before handling livestock.
Police have warned equipment worth hundreds of pounds used by official contractors to disinfect premises free of charge has been stolen from a number of farms.
NYSE: CC) has agreed to sell the disinfectants, oxone and chlorine dioxide business lines (Clean and Disinfect Business) of its Chemical Solutions segment to Germany-based specialty chemicals group Lanxess (LXSG.
Extensive testing that exceeds both FDA and EPA standards prompted Trinity to decide that it wasn't necessary to disinfect its water.
The microwave can also disinfect other kitchen items.
The G10VPL is designed to disinfect and rinse one endocavity probe, while the G14KAL disinfects two probes at once.
Wash or disinfect with waterless products for at least 15 seconds (for routine hand hygiene rather than surgical hand hygiene).
CINCINNATI -- Sixty-eight percent of respondents to P&G Professional's([TM])recent "Cleaning and Disinfecting Clarity" survey indicated that they believe that if you want to clean and disinfect a surface, you have twice as much work on your hands.
Clients often ask, "Can I add a disinfectant to my laundry machine to help disinfect the linens?
KENYA: Popular products used to disinfect lab and hospital surfaces are not strong enough to kill the disease-causing bacteria, according to a new study.