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Synonyms for disinclination

Synonyms for disinclination

an attitude or feeling of aversion

the state of not being disposed or inclined

Synonyms for disinclination

that toward which you are inclined to feel dislike

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Despite opposition from the party he helped found, Sangma said: " Disinclination of the NCP to endorse my candidature amounts to denial of the aspirations of the tribals of the country.
goodness is conducive to mind control, control over senses, tolerance, discrimination, austerity, truthfulness, mercy, memory, satisfaction, renunciation, lack of desire of sense objects, faith and disinclination towards sinning, soul consciousness, charity, humility and simplicity.
If you've a disinclination to probe into your deepest psyche, events may pan out in a way that you have no choice but to consider your options.
Olympus demonstrates all too painfully how much Old Japan tolerates a lack of accountability among senior executives; a disinclination to challenge authority and absolute deference to corporate boards regardless of share performance.
However, many initiatives in Canada may have started to address this disinclination towards research endeavors by practicing physicians.
He posits that greed and a disinclination to consider the needs of others leaves one alone.
Ao Former National Security Adviser Hadley, for example, was said to have been among those voicing a strong disinclination to participate.
Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
The institutional status of the school and teacher applicants' lack of familiarity with charter schools was related to their disinclination to apply to charter schools, there is no evidence that these barriers led to lesser qualified teachers in charter schools.
The company has reported that Fortis has cited depressed financial markets, uncertainty in the overall economic environment and strategic changes within Fortis as reasons for its disinclination to finance the Lamaque underground gold mine expansion project.
The grievances of the state include a cut in allocation of subsidized rice, reduction in the state's share of electricity from the central grid and the disinclination to sanction relief in times of natural calamities.
Whereas his own analysis "discredits the idea that [Shakespeare] either catered to, or shared in, some supposedly common Elizabethan disinclination to allow comedy to be compromised by human suffering" (151), Ellis occasionally invokes the well-worn assumption that "Elizabethan society was far more cruel, brutal, and coarse than ours" (78).
A snap survey of the print media conducted by the Media Review Network shows that there is a general disinclination to get to grips with brutal facts - warts and all - of Israeli violations, settlements, checkpoints, tortures, detentions, abductions, etc.
RYAN MOORE's mood, which has not always been good this Royal Ascot week, is unlikely to improve when he realises his disinclination to put on a happy face is now being chuckled at by none other than Sir Michael Stoute.
The integrity of the election body is now seriously under threat because of its disinclination to quickly make the results public and allay the fears and suspicions of the nation.