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We hope that this will be a disincentive to a private sector bid gordon martin
CHICAGO, May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A new national survey of employer views on the use of employee health incentives (rewards) and disincentives (penalties), found that of those companies responding, 82% offer some form of incentives and/or disincentives.
The Joint Economic Committee's report quotes numerous authorities to assert that the theories stating that unemployment insurance is a disincentive are old and out-of-date.
there will be too many disincentives for a faculty development program to succeed" (Padgett & Conceicao-Runlee, 2000, 331).
Reducing current disincentives for saving by treating tuition savings plans as parental assets rather than student assets in the calculation of expected family contribution (EFC).
This testing would have been extremely costly and a strong disincentive to facilities wishing to improve degassing efficiency.
The Commission is concerned that certain provisions of that law could act as a disincentive on investment from other member states in violation of EC treaty rules on the free movement of capital and the right of establishment,' the Commission said.
Therefore, if this crime is ever to be eliminated, a system of international criminal law and enforcement will have to be developed to provide the necessary disincentive that is lacking in nature.
decision to stay out of the treaty," Rumsfeld seemed less concerned about that than his worry that the court's all-encompassing claim of jurisdiction would "create a powerful disincentive for U.
They offer service at no charge to the public in order that financial barriers not be a disincentive for couples to learning a natural method.
The Home Secretary said: "If the system is that the longer you carry on the more you make, then there is a disincentive to do the thing effectively.
Pensions giant Legal & General said yesterday: "It means there will be no incentive or disincentive to opt out of the State Earnings Related Pensions Scheme.
Gul Wali, the coordinator of Catholic Relief Services in Peshawar, said government refugee officials argued to him that taking food aid to Jalozai residents "would be a disincentive to move.