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The Wandering Jew myth was created by disincarnate Nathanael speaking through mediums while waiting to be reincarnated again.
Should any particular disincarnate entity refuse to comply with such applied management strategy I am sure that the reputation of my experience in exorcism would be sufficient to deter further disorder, or alternatively provide the means of eternal dismissal.
Reading is not a disincarnate, cerebral activity but a solidly physical process in which we deploy almost all our senses, and no doubt a Freudian pleasure-principle is at work while we read.
Personifications of such generic asymmetry become spatially unstable and provocatively disincarnate in the catacombs beneath Lewis's Convent of St.
For the Benedictines, there is no disincarnate spirituality; conversion embraces the whole of life and the abbess is
It demands that one travel far to discover the futile but exciting presence of a waste-object: a man or woman, fallen off the father, taking the place of this protection, and yet, the always trivial ersatz of this disincarnate wisdom that no object (of love, necessarily) could ever totalize.
That's where the two intersect: Billy Graham, Richard Nixon, Las Vegas, drugs, pornography, and every abstract disincarnate idea ever hit upon by man roaming the wilderness in search of habitation.
Caught within this grand drama, lovers are meditative, almost disincarnate figures, segues to the outer world, tangible yet vanishing signs of a renewed relationship with the world.
Comparing the themes of divine governance and love in Scripture and in the Consolatio reveals the distance between the disincarnate, impersonal nature of cosmic order (Boethius) and the intimate, personal, and covenantal character of divine love (the Bible).
In a late poem called "No, Plato, No" Auden announced, "I can't imagine anything / that I would less like to be / than a disincarnate Spirit" (888).
Nei dialoghi filosofici bruniani i vari parlanti non sono poi delle semplici voci neutre, disincarnate, ma risultano invece spesso fortemente caratterizzati.
Kalsched (2003) suggests that if indwelling fails, then the disincarnate spirit remains a ghost, stranded in the oblivion of a ghostly archetypal realm.
Incarnation is a process whereby some disincarnate reality takes a bodily manifestation.
Books are solid and locatable; the new electronic versions will be disincarnate, existing on cybershelves.
Without falling into a disincarnate spirituality," he said, the congregation was fully convinced that the problems of war and hunger, of underdevelopment and violence, misery and marginalization can be resolved progressively.