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Synonyms for disillusionment



Synonyms for disillusionment

freeing from false belief or illusions

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The state of disillusionment is absolutely chronic in this country, because people see it as being run by an elite, for an elite.
To say that cloud is deep in a trough of disillusionment is plainly false here in the UK.
Compared to students, nurses were most likely to cite disillusionment with nursing.
But I understand there is a disillusionment from many people in the area but I would hope that disillusionment would not get in the way of people voting as that would be a shame.
I can't bear the disillusionment of seeing our heroes failing to belt out our anthem.
But Mackay, who will make the journey to Brora today but is unlikely to play, said: "After the parting of ways at Clach, there was a wee bit of disillusionment and I thought I would probably call it a day.
This smartly conceived and well-executed book looks closely at a dismaying phenomenon in corporate strategy: the way galvanizing new technologies or products are met with over-inflated expectations, subsequent disillusionment and--perhaps far later--eventual assimilation.
The book outlines the joy and then disillusionment of the progressive movements with the election of Lula da Silva of the Workers' Party as president in 2002 as it became clear that the socialism espoused by Lula in the 1990s had given way to neo-liberalism in office.
It has been prompted by personal and business pressures, which have increased over a relatively short period of time, and by my disillusionment with the role of local government as perceived and funded by central government.
The Spaniard voiced his disillusionment over the lack of progress in bringing players to the club after Liverpool lost the Champions League Final.
Due to her personal experience and knowledge of many of the key players, she gives great insight into their motives and how their beliefs have developed in part because of their disillusionment with the promises made to them and their desertion by the West when they were fighting many of the same forces within the region whom we are fighting today.
We contend that while there are myriad factors that may lead to disillusionment in physicians, the root cause is inadequate preparation in their formative years to deal with political, non-clinical issues.
A diverse spread of ultimately human topics, from the disillusionment of a decaying marriage to a prayer for a deceased canine companion to the visceral appearance of a panic attack.
McBride, a senior minister at a Disciples of Christ church and a professor with an occupational background in marriage and family therapy, offers this book to anyone whose disillusionment with a church institution has led to, or is leading to, a crisis of faith and spirituality.
Murray's disillusionment with street life contains the clear-eyed reason of someone who has been there and done that and realized that you can thumb your nose at conventional living and still contribute something to the world.