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Dishy added that artists priced out of Brooklyn could migrate north of the Harlem River, although he admitted the Bronx still faces "somewhat of an uphill battle.
Of course it was a weak heat but JFK, one of my three pre-Derby picks, resembles Shanless Slippy, who similarly demolished everything he met when romping through the 1996 Derby unbeaten for Dishy, sent off 4-9 in the final.
Although the residential market is tenuous, Dishy said that the financial climate is amenable to this kind of project.
Now, is Dave sufficiently dishy to warrant a jolly good scrap between two lady delinquents with wet hair?
Siwan Morris: Glynneath girl Siwan, soon to be starring in the sexy new series of Caerdydd, turned the head of dishy Doctor Who Christopher Ecclestone and never looked back.
There are wonderful interactions--a dash of dishy girl talk ("Okay, as promised, a full report on my interview with abstract painter Brice Marden.
The boy who used to sit behind you in fourth-grade math is there, and he's shot up quite a few inches and is looking mighty dishy.
Jean Christophe Novelli, Kellie's mentor, was dishy but I am not a sucker for Gallic charm so he failed to move me.
First, there are plans to spend her birthday night alone in Paris with her dishy boyfriend, Devon.
The dishy trashing of the film by the reviewer is not only heartbreaking, it's downright offensive.
Praising "Jackman's clean bonhomie and dishy metrosexuality" as a needed "antidote to such beefy Australian fare as Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson," Newsweek reported: "Jackman was delighted to hear rumors that he himself, despite being married with a son, was gay.
Abundant naughty tittle-tattle agreeably leavens the exhausting lucubration, although you won't find anything quite so indecorous as his knocking down Helen Frankenthaler in a fit of jealous rage at a party (see Florence Rubenfeld's dishy 1997 biography for that and more).
If your name doesn't happen to be Jamie Oliver then the answer to that lies in a new recipe book promisingly called Dishy.
Life of the Party is his dishy biography of Pamela Harriman, the late doyenne of the Democratic party.
But let's get back to Bob Dole, who, free marketeer that he is, would certainly bless the union of Sony and ABC (and never criticize a dishy former Nixon aide).