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water in which dishes and cooking utensils are washed

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THERE'S no denying that some Sunday racedays are as dull as dishwater, but others, like today's, have a bit of everything.
A "BULLY" humiliated his partner by pouring milk, hot water and dirty dishwater over her.
Multichannel tubular ceramic membranes performed better than single-channel filters at cleaning up the dirty dishwater.
Use biodegradable (phosphate-free) detergents and soaps and re-use dishwater in the garden.
It eludes them, going down the drain with the dishwater, sucked into the vacuum cleaner, tapped away on the laptop keys, hiding and running through their fingers at the same time.
LET'S hope she spices things up because some housemates are dull as dishwater.
which way to go and strain now for the tap or the dishwater.
Houses on stilts, small scale energy generation and recycling dishwater are just some of the measures that are being proposed to prepare our cities for the effects of global warming.
TRANSFER deadline day was as dull as dishwater in Scotland but CSKA Sofia livened things up in Bulgaria by making a shock swoop for Michel Platini.
Among the topics are blacktop cuisine, every popsicle stick counts, throwing out the dishwater, home recycling, my father's last fortune, and things the color of stone.
With the 'green' stuff, the dishes come out with a real slippery texture, like somebody poured a cup of grease in some dishwater, and a white film.
He pointed out that there are other ways to keep gardens green, such as recycling dishwater or bath water, or hauling a few gallons themselves from Dexter Lake.
The calf's foot jelly, which is the colour of dirty dishwater, was also a culinary delicacy.
I am no feminist, but there is something about a weekend which makes you feel incredibly lazy and you just want to - be, and well, lets face it, you can't let piles of dirty dishes, immersed in equally dirty dishwater, just - be.
A home brew kit, a plastic dustbin in the kitchen and wait four weeks to get 40 pints of alcoholic dishwater that could only be drunk with a peg on the nose.