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a machine for washing dishes

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CHAMPION INDUSTRIES, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial ware washing systems, expands its line of door-type dishwashing machines with the DH5000T Dual NSF listed dishwasher and pot/pan washer designed especially to accommodate taller cooking equipment, including sheet pans and large pots and pans.
The InterContinental Dubai Festival City hotel has partnered with Elenco Emirates Group to install a new M-iQ dishwashing machine from Meiko inside its Zaytoun Restaurant.
We are also offering a DSS promotion and have the pleasure of offering a dishwashing machine free-of-charge when customers sign a one year contract with TCL," Ghaly said.
Ever stand in front of a dishwashing machine and feel like you're in a sauna?
Lot 11: measurement equipment and auxiliaries for testing of washing and drying machines, dishwashing machine, electric cooking appliances, water heaters, heating boilers, pumps, non-ballasted fluorescent lamps and household electrical appliances.
Enodis plc (NYSE: ENO), a leading global provider of food equipment solutions today announced that on November 9, 2000 it acquired from Ecolab Inc its Jackson dishwashing machine manufacturing unit for a total cash consideration of $36m ((pound)26.
Included in the range is the CitroClean all purpose cleaner for walls, floors, pots and pans; the Citro Gel oven cleaner and degreaser for ovens, grills, and greasy floors; Citro Lime limescale remover for dishwashing machines, heating elements and rust stains; and the CitroBac multipurpose sanitizer to kill bacteria and prevent cross contamination.
Dixons employs over 38,000 people and provides top quality training to ensure their personnel can provide amazing customer service on products ranging from televisions to ovens to computers and dishwashing machines.
Est for 5 years,this Chemical company provides all kind of detergents/sanitizers for dishwashing machines in the restaurants including products to clean the floors ,pots and pans etc.
It is Europe's biggest manufacturer of dishwashing machines, and the Dillingen region's most important employer.
They will be able to monitor the progress of their laundry and dishwashing machines as well as listen to music or watch TV.
A Lady writing to The Times in praise of dishwashing machines states: "I am so fond of mine that I have been married to him for nearly 50 years.
Using the five-digit product coding system, there are at least six such exchange groups -- commercial cooking and food-warming equipment (35891); automic vending machines (35811); commercial refrigiration (35853); soda fountain and beer dispensers (35859); dishwashing machines (35892); and restaurant cafeteria and bar furnishings and fixtures (exclusive of the equipment already listed) (25992).
1), household electric kitchen appliances refer to dishwashing machines and clothes or linen washing or drying machines, household type, electric or non-electric; other small electric domestic appliances (including vacuum cleaners, kitchen waste disposers, food mixers, shavers, hair dryers, smoothing irons, coffee makers and toasters); electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters; electric space heating apparatus and soil heating apparatus; ovens; cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters.
Contract notice: Dal / dah 2015/16 purchase of detergents and hygiene products for industrial catering - detergents for dishwashing machines