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the act of washing dishes


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Washmatic is an Indian company that fabricates and supplies quality assured industrial grade dishwashing machines and related accessories.
Euromonitor International's Dishwashing in Japan market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level.
Several common lifestyle factors and household practices, such as dishwashing methods and some food choices, may increase microbial exposure.
Market size for Dishwashing Products in South Korea is given in KRW with a minimum of five years' historical data.
com's Facebook page, a leading beauty website, 91 per cent of the women felt that a strong dishwashing liquid negatively affected the beauty of their hands.
Phosphates were banned from consumer automatic dishwashing detergents in 16 states in 2010.
An assessment of the attitudes, values and preferences buyers of the leading brands of dishwashing liquid reveals a market segmented into buyers who prefer trusted, quality products, those who prefer environmentally friendly products and those who look for value for money.
Great lucrative dishwashing and floor cleaning products distribution/service business mainly for restaurants .
BLACKSTONE - One of the top five things a homeowner can do to protect the state's rivers is to use no-phosphate dishwashing detergent.
Experiments to determine the toxicity of commercially available dishwashing liquids (Palmolive [R], Dawn[R] and Joy[R]) and household cleaners (409[R], Fantastik[R], Fantastik[R] Orange, Dawn[R] Power Dissolver, and Greased Lightning[R]) against cockroaches were conducted with two application techniques, spray and immersion.
PET has appeared in bottles for motor oil and other automotive and marine fluids, though it is used more frequently in HIC containers such as for dishwashing liquids.
A cheaper and safer alternative to commercial dishwashing cleaners is bi-carb (Baking Soda) and vinegar--this is recommended by Barbara Lord in her book The Green Cleaner.
Reckitt Benckiser has added a new dimension to its Finish dishwashing brand's repertoire, with the launch of what it claims is the world's first glass care product that works throughout the cycle.
The liquid is completely biodegradable and has eliminated phosphates and chlorine, which are evident in most dishwashing detergents.
SQUEAKY CLEAN: Dishwashing detergents have all seemed the same until we tried Thymes' new Home Keeping Collection.