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Synonyms for dishwasher

a machine for washing dishes

someone who washes dishes

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Hazard: An electrical component in the dishwasher can overheat, posing a fire hazard.
Product coverage: Built-in Dishwashers, Freestanding Dishwashers.
said some brands appeared to cause a higher number of fires than others, naming Hoover and Candy washing machines and Hotpoint dishwashers and tumble dr yers.
They found that about 33 percent of the samples tested positive for fungi, with the common one being Exophiala dermatitidis and phaeomuriformis, two types of black yeast, and dishwashers the most likely location where they were breeding.
Bosch earlier said the dishwashers did not pose a threat here as the national grid is not known to experience the same voltage peaks as the UK.
The dishwashers affected were sold across the nation from March 2006 through August 2009, costing between $350 and $850.
The new LG True Steam Dishwasher is yet another example of how LG is continuing that investment with a product that provides a superior clean with less time and effort," he added.
The 79-year-old rushed into the kitchen and saw the dishwasher on fire.
Ram 'We decided to have this green initiative in order to create awareness among people, as the dishwasher is still surrounded by many myths and its advantages - not only to the consumer, but to the environment as well , are many
They know I am a desperate woman with three children, a job and no dishwasher.
We have three Bosch dishwashers to give away, which hold 14 place settings and generate the cleaning power of 4,000 litres of water from just 10 litres.
The Birmingham Mail has teamed up with Bosch and Finish to offer readers the chance to win one of four Logixx ActiveWater dishwashers, which hold 14 place settings and generate the cleaning power of 4,000 litres of water from just 10 litres.
INFORMAL VISITS BY HFN TO HOME DEPOT, LOWE'S AND SEARS show all three retailers are merchandising dishwashers in different ways.
A museum collection of vintage items, such as slicing machines, scales, coffee mills and, of course, dishwashers, graces the Hobart lobby.
Eight years on that figure is likely to be much higher, but as we increasingly rely on dishwashers, we should make an effort to use them in a way that minimises their impact on the environment in terms of energy and water usage, and chemical input.