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tableware (eating and serving dishes) collectively

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Reducing the level of food-borne illness within restaurants involves serving safe, high-quality meals, but it also requires utensils and dishware to be disease-free.
This vintage dishware gets reglazed and retired with a modern twist.
Ask for reusable cutlery, dishware, linens and decorations.
It's not just grilling, but whole kitchen setups, and purchases of dishware, furniture, accessories and patio products, as well as lawn and garden equipment.
RESOURCES: Majolica dishware and serving pieces, Florentine Ceramics; flatware and linens, Mary's on Main; flowers, Mr.
Disposable dishware isn't new--facilities have used plastic and Styrofoam storage dishes and paper plates for years.
Recycled Glassworks goes beyond bottles to create dishware out of quarter-inch plate glass from discarded windows.
Recommendations run the gamut from arranging to donate unused food to a local food bank to requiring the use of reusable cutlery and dishware to providing a public transit pass and map in registration packets.
This definition covers all food-packaging articles, all materials used to make those articles, and all other food-contact articles (such as food-processing equipment and dishware, containers, and film for home and institutional use), as well as the materials used to make those articles.
An exquisite meal served up on less-than-impressive dishware is like putting a Renoir in a plastic frame.
households "do nothing" to their dishes before they run their dishwashers, not bothering to wipe food scraps off the dishware.
Last year, the county funded educational supplies for the city of Eugene's "Love Food, Not Waste" commercial composting program, reusable dishware for Spencer Butte Middle School, and St.
The floor of the lodge was littered with broken dishware, and cabinets were in disarray, said Shephard, 62.
Pop art and mod dishware are what Adler calls "happy" touches and orange accents bring a "colorful sense of optimism," Adler said.
To battle the ever-pervasive “portion distortion”, the right tools are essential - and choosing the right size dishware and utensils is a start.