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tableware (eating and serving dishes) collectively

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WHY IT WORKS: Stacked dishware and decanted pantry goods maximise cabinet space, S hooks and metal clips hold kitchen scissors, coffee filters etc, trays anchor the counter, a small hanging basket holds utensils and a print adds an artful touch - a small detail that makes a big difference.
Large end-aisle floor displays of popular kitchenware items -- Crock-Pots and dishware -- were seen at Marketplace store openings last fall.
The UC20 lets operators choose from seven different cycles: economy, economy plus, glassware, flatware, dishware, pot & pan, and programmable.
Products of famous Chinese companies of a high quality were showcased during the fair, including household appliances, construction materials, clothing, dishware, agricultural equipment.
This towel is so absorbent that it can replace the cotton dish towels normally used for drying work surfaces, utensils and dishware.
He stressed that sale of unhygienic food items in retailers and supply of unhygienic food in unclean dishware in almost all hotels and restaurants across Pakistan even in big cities goes uncheck.
Combining a tough exterior with smart printing capabilities, this portable printer is designed for in-the-lab labeling of slides, straws, dishware, bottles, vials and tubes.
Washington, January 17 ( ANI ): A Swedish design studio has come up with a unique dishware that repels dirt and water and would save a lot of kitchen time.
We're excited about adding new life to our packaging just like our products bring new life to dishware and other household items that can accrue hard water build up minerals," says Dustin Bryson, marketing director for the Midland, Texas-based company.
Independent auto dishwash testing has been carried out by Eurofins and confirms that NatraSense LF8 gives excellent rinsing performance; reducing residues and streaking on dishware, has low film build up and allows glossy dishware to retain shine.
Our state has a bank of fantastic potters, making everything from dishware to home accents, and there are four such artisans who have molded the way, so to speak.
The floor of the lodge was littered with broken dishware, and cabinets were in disarray, said Shephard, 62.
Doctor Abdul Rehman of the Shifa International Hospital said that at Chappar hotels, healthy people have to take their food in dishware used by patients of communicable diseases also.
Reusable dishware and water-efficient dishwashers are critical for the operation.
The municipality has also informed all restaurants that they mustn't use plastic dishware and replace it with other materials due to the seriousness of its interaction with hot food that may cause cancer.