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Synonyms for dishtowel

a towel for drying dishes

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Maureen took Ella out of the highchair and held the girl to her chest, placing a dishtowel on her own shoulder to catch the inevitable snot.
The wonderful Gingerbread Man comes to life leaping out of the oven, tying on a dishtowel cape and shouting "Flour power
A Put them in a bowl covered with a damp, clean dishtowel then place in the fridge.
Now they're ready to either air dry or wipe with a dishtowel.
I suppose he found living together for three years, having his parents over every other weekend, and dishtowel shopping at Ross so free and easy that it left him with a host of other options.
Even when the other cowboys join in and de Mille brings the dance to a boil, double-time and breakaways--two girls, an old woman, and all these rough men--it's friendly, orderly, always within the hub, the homemade decorum and dishtowel snap, of that communal circle.
Insert a dishtowel in drawer or door handles to make them easier to pull open.
There was just one we were discussing today where one of them threw a dishtowel at the other one.
I held my breath and a dishtowel, and watched the bubbles popping on my mom's side of the sink.
Not content merely to wear an apron and carry a dishtowel, he decided to stump around on one leg.
dishtowel like a surplice on her slim shoulders, and one wound a
We walked into the kitchen, and she handed me a dishtowel.
You can help cool your puppy off by hosing him down with cool water, offering small chips of ice cubes, and wrapping an ice pack in a dishtowel and applying to the dog's body.
At a touch, the careful arrangement of aged suction cup soap holder, dishtowel, and faucet falls apart.
He didn't didn't exactly ignore the stretchy costumes, which were repeated in three color schemes (first some lively dishtowel patterns, then scarlet and black).