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a cloth for washing dishes

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Most of the 75 dishrags and 325 sponges sampled by the researchers harbored large numbers of virulent bacteria, including E.
In 1991 a fire started when a couple of dishrags fell behind the old tumble dryer.
So this week, as I thought about Jez and his bees, out there in all that weather, presumably all blown to kingdom come and wet as dishrags, I decided that a spot of baking was in order, and honey should play a major part.
We unpack our kit-baking ingredients, recipe cards, bowls, dishrags and an oven.
She states that you should place wet clothes in the basket in this order: sheets, tablecloths, pants and jeans, towels, tee-shirts, hand towels, washrags, dishrags, underwear, then lastly, socks.
man now at their feet stepping out of his dishrags using them to wipe
In fact, sponges and dishrags, the very items used to clean the kitchen, topped the list.
On the night before her funeral, the three of us felt like dishrags.
Using disinfecting wipes once a day instead of dishrags, sponges or paper towels, can also stop bacteria from spreading from one surface to another.
This man who promised day-care centres and creches for working women and abortion on demand was the darling of the feminists while he treated women like dishrags - a quickie here, a feel there, a grope somewhere else.
One research team revealed that kitchen sponges and dishrags may develop into rich reservoirs of germs.
Louis Cardinals (winners of three pennants between 1964 and 1968) his latter trips onto October's stage came for the once-woebegone Phillies, truly destiny's dishrags.