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Synonyms for dishrag

a cloth for washing dishes

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Then there was that summer vacation in Alaska where she taught all of us to knit dishrags.
A teapot bemoans the fact that it is constantly placed on the tire; a paper lantern becomes a raging face; a dishrag mutates suddenly into a demon.
Place a clean dishrag in the bottom of your stockpot (this helps prevent the jars from breaking when you heat them).
Natalie Briscoe, also of Melbourne, first noticed that at temperatures over 30[degrees] Celsius, koalas moved lower in trees, stretched out in dishrag poses and abandoned edible eucalyptus trees for inedible Acacia mearnsii trees.
Valerie reaches for a dangling dishrag to staunch the blood still flowing from her neck, but the dishrag is hanging from a knife block she carelessly tossed it on while making tea.
One thing that I didn't say about power exchange that I want to go back and readdress is that when I talk about this aspect and when I teach it I don't use the word power because it comes back to this issue about whether the slave is a dishrag or not.
He has particular disdain for hyped-up health and consumer stories that make the rounds during sweeps periods--the ones whose edgy promotions claim that your underwear, your mattress, your dishrag, your iced tea or your chicken dinner is a serious threat to your well-being.
Suddenly, he was picked up like a dishrag and thrown backward, hit by at least one round.
They play all their hits with deadly accuracy, a bunch of help from other musicians, and with all the passion of a wet dishrag.
Emma was no better herself, one sniff of a barmaid's dishrag and she wants some too.
Even worse, he said, is that nearly half of the respondents said they used the same sponge or dishrag for cleaning dishes, cookware, and kitchen surfaces, and a similar number used that sponge for more than a month.
It doesn't much help either that for someone supposedly torn apart inside by his conflicted emotions, Bettany exudes all passion of a dishrag, but then given that Rickie's such a weak-willed emotional coward maybe he couldn't summon up much enthusiasm for the character either.
That Balenciaga frock looks like a dishrag, Jennifer Connelly, and makes you all washed out