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large pan for washing dishes

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The same processes affected many other artifacts, now already being defined as a precious kind of tourist art--a miniature souvenir--segregated from the middle-class factory furniture and enamel dishpans, the bowler hats and britches that shifted Haida material life between 1880 and 1915.
The pulp is prepared in the same way, but is poured from the blender into a dishpan half filled with water.
VAT: A tub, dishpan or other container that holds the pulp mixture.
The clothes, the colors, and the mere material culture of tablecloths, kitchen chairs, dishpans, and typewriters suggest this.
Beans fill the living room, kitchen, and bedroom in paper sacks, dishpans, bowls, envelopes, and zip-lock plastic bags.
She piles the dishes into dishpans, spins around and heads back through the ``out'' door into the dining room.
I started harvesting rain water in this semi-arid environment with dishpans, and realized how much water ran off the steep roof of my little home, even dew.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- After using dishpans and dustpans to dig out from last year's blizzards, people have been snapping up snowthrowers and laggards have been left scrambling to find machines among a spotty supply.
Tregembo cleaned up the pennies with a dustpan, filling a 30-gallon trash drum, a 15-gallon can, a five-gallon bucket, some 12-quart pails, assorted dishpans and a wastebasket.
Wash and rinse dishes in dishpans in sink so water can be carried out to water plants and presoak dirty clothes.