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large pan for washing dishes

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Next time I'll rent a roof carrier and bring a few more handy items, starting with a plastic dishpan, our own ax, and a kite.
Stripping basket: A commercial product that straps around the waist to keep the flyline off the deck, or just make one with a plastic dishpan or small shopping basket and a belt.
The pulp is prepared in the same way, but is poured from the blender into a dishpan half filled with water.
With my savings, I bought twelve yards of flannel at ten cents a yard, two baby shirts, two flannel nighties, a tin dishpan, and a pair of scissors.
Gather the following materials: a plastic dishpan with a dry ingredient, such as corn meal.
Sized to fit inside full sinks, Rubbermaid's dishpan is suited for washing large-sized items.
While Lynne was not satisfied with getting her dishpan hands on Garry "Hob-knob" Hobbs, sister Zoe meanwhile, was demanding that Dr Anthony prove himself.
So we jest laid down, and it wasn't no time Simon was beating the bottom of the dishpan with the spoon, hollering, "Raise up and get your four-o'clock coffee
Put the pods in a large bowl or dishpan (whatever feels comfortable on your lap); place a bucket by your left knee, and a tall glass full of iced tea nearby.
Mix one 16-ounce bottle of glycerin with 2 quarts of warm water in a large bucket or dishpan.
If you are doing a sitting down job like shelling beans or grating turnips for kraut, keep your feet in a dishpan of cold water.
Prime time specials featuring classic commercials have won high ratings as America pines for a time when dishpan hands and grass stains were the most serious problems on network television.
Dishes filled a dishpan with cold water in it all day, then with lamp light and a tin pie plate leaned against the wall to reflect light, more water was heated on the stove and dishes were washed.
They are a size to fit on a plastic dishpan which makes it easy to sift the larger pieces out of the potting soil.