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Synonyms for dishonour

Synonyms for dishonour

lacking honor or integrity


Related Words

bring shame or dishonor upon

force (someone) to have sex against their will

refuse to accept

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Yup, no dishonours list would be complete without our friends in the banking industry, still up to their old tricks.
We're only three days in and already the dishonours list is bulging more than Kim Kardashian's trackie bottoms.
As well as landing the Worst Film Razzie a week ago, Myers was also named the Worst Actor and he also picked up the Worst Screenplay dishonour.
It dishonours the officers who have given their lives to the protection of entire communities.
It dishonours the men and women disabled and disfigured by terrorist atrocities.
It dishonours the families of every RUC officer, alive and dead.
AT the end of the annus horribilis that was 2001, the problem is keeping the Dishonours List down to manageable proportions.
There were so many of them that the Dishonours Committee didn't know where to start.
NO need for a political dishonours list - the politicians do a much better job of writing their own.