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Synonyms for dishonour

Synonyms for dishonour

lacking honor or integrity


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bring shame or dishonor upon

force (someone) to have sex against their will

refuse to accept

References in classic literature ?
The god," he said, "is angry neither about vow nor hecatomb, but for his priest's sake, whom Agamemnon has dishonoured, in that he would not free his daughter nor take a ransom for her; therefore has he sent these evils upon us, and will yet send others.
Now, therefore, I shall go back to Phthia; it will be much better for me to return home with my ships, for I will not stay here dishonoured to gather gold and substance for you.
King Agamemnon has dishonoured him by taking his prize and keeping her.
Their dishonoured representative was driving up from the railway station in a coach- and-four, with music and a banner.
Then Timandra deserted Echemus and went and came to Phyleus, dear to the deathless gods; and even so Clytaemnestra deserted god-like Agamemnon and lay with Aegisthus and chose a worse mate; and even so Helen dishonoured the couch of golden-haired Menelaus.
For if, my sweet Adeimantus, our youth seriously listen to such unworthy representations of the gods, instead of laughing at them as they ought, hardly will any of them deem that he himself, being but a man, can be dishonoured by similar actions; neither will he rebuke any inclination which may arise in his mind to say and do the like.
Man alone, the king of this globe, the last and greatest work of the Supreme Being, below the sun; man alone hath basely dishonoured his own nature; and by dishonesty, cruelty, ingratitude, and treachery, hath called his Maker's goodness in question, by puzzling us to account how a benevolent being should form so foolish and so vile an animal.
Had Juliet so seen her love tokens dishonoured the sooner would she have sought the lethean herbs of the good apothecary.
So that you would have me shown up as a coward, sir, and our name dishonoured for the sake of Miss Swartz's money," George interposed.
He, a broken, bankrupt, sick, dishonoured prisoner.
of Saint Mary Axe, that I am trying to make terms for an unfortunate friend with in a matter of some dishonoured bills.
Justice Abel Alier a southerner, who held many senior positions in the government of Sudan under the leadership of the former President Jaafer Nimiri, wrote a book; Southern Sudan: Too Many Agreements Dishonoured.
Chakwal -- A by city police Chakwal as the cheque given by him was dishonoured.
An individual or a legal entity that issues dishonoured cheque above e1/42,000 or over three cheques in a row is placed in the register and they can be removed if they demonstrate that all cheques have been paid and 12 months have elapsed since the last dishonoured cheque was issued and settled.
According to data from the central register for issuers of dishonoured cheques (CIR), 1,301 bad cheques worth some e1/41.