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Synonyms for dishonour

Synonyms for dishonour

lacking honor or integrity


Related Words

bring shame or dishonor upon

force (someone) to have sex against their will

refuse to accept

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As a result, Concord was precluded from asserting Amwest's nonconforming documents as the basis for dishonoring the letter of credit.
While there is a limited fraud exception to this rule, the issuing bank will not find it easy to invoke fraud as a ground for dishonoring a letter of credit draw, as Concord had discovered.
The beneficiary cannot rely on an issuing bank's error in untimely or improperly dishonoring a letter of credit draw or disposing of documents presented by the beneficiary as justification for relieving the beneficiary of the consequences of submitting nonconforming documents.
The letter of credit issuing bank has certain duties to timely and properly notify the beneficiary of discrepancies before dishonoring a drawing on an LC.