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suffering shame

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I have only to sign my dishonored name, and every one will understand and applaud my motive for writing as I do.
Let one of those checks get round to your own bank, and you and it are dishonored together.
Thereafter, all remaining items presented for payment on that day were presented against the negative account balance and dishonored, even though some accounts contained sufficient funds
These dishonored licenses granted AVGI the right to use CytoGenix's patented ssDNA vector in both equines and crustaceans.
Even with a relatively low amount of magical power (collecting Runes lets you teleport, stop time, turn into a rat and other things) I was able to play Dishonored just the way I liked it, flourishes and all.
Although a large game, Dishonored is not an open-world title, but what makes the world feel much larger is the supreme amount of choice you're given.
We raise it not to justify the illegal acts of rogue cops who dishonored their uniform and violated the public trust placed in them.
Transportation Secretary Federico Pena to reject any future request by Lorenzo for authorization to re-enter the business he so dishonored.
With ExchangeGuard, check copy requests and dishonored item notices, along with related IRD images, can be automatically produced via the institution's high-volume print and insert environments.
Judges were so grossed out by the photo and short essay Studio City's Elizabeth Nesser submitted that they honored - or dishonored - her as one of four runners-up in the contest.
The system can immediately notify the store clerk if a presented check and/or customer has any dishonored transactions outstanding, or if a check appears to show signs of check tampering.
That crime dishonored President Nixon, undermined respect for law and called into doubt Nixon's credibility on public matter.
SecureTouch RVS utilizes a flag alert process that immediately notifies the store clerk if a presented check and/or the customer has been involved in a prior dishonored transaction.
If a charge of property taxes is dishonored by the card issuer, the taxpayer will be charged $10.
The FDIC dishonored letters of credit issued in favor of Ezcony's suppliers and certain suppliers restricted the amount of inventory they would provide to Ezcony on open account.