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Synonyms for dishonor

Synonyms for dishonor

lacking honor or integrity


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bring shame or dishonor upon

force (someone) to have sex against their will

refuse to accept

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Their situations were only rarely viewed as bringing dishonor on the family as a whole; family members were active and public participants in these legal cases.
Lastly, demand a role in future church governance that can prevent a secret, all-powerful church hierarchy from causing further damage and dishonor to our church.
There's no dishonor in this--it's a numbers game," Melnikoff says of the waiting list.
During the hearing of the case by IHC Chief Justice Iqbal Hameed-Ur-Rehman, the legal counsel for federal police (representing SSP and DSP), Niaz ullah Niazi advocate prayed that the petitioner Rana Saeedullah filed a case against Raheel Khan at Thana Kohsar over cheque dishonor.
With a chance to reach 20 victories Sunday and all but lock up a spot in the NCAA Tournament, the Trojans instead suffered the dishonor of being the first team this season to lose to the SunDevils in Pacific-10 Conference play.
Main character, Brahim Llob, after publishing his latest book, is confronted with his peers condemnation and consideration of his dishonor, causing his visit to his hometown which results in an attack from GIA commando.
Blood does not wipe out dishonor, nor violence indicate possession.
It's not just in Tennessee that they have done away with the honor roll (Jeff Rundles, "The dishonor roll," March).
Dishonor and pollution had everything to do with artisan and craft status and the careful policing of the boundaries of social groups in a corporate society of orders.
Ashanti (Tone Books, 2000), jumping the broom is an insult that brings dishonor to African ancestors.
11] In fact, there exists in this period a plethora of texts that emphasized the difference between careful and casual swearing in an attempt to elucidate the dishonor involved in the casual use of promise.
A guy who kills might think that dishonor goes away," says Yousra al-Auteh, 17.
Upon the dishonor of the check, the seller can then maintain an action either on the bounced check or on the underlying contract obligation.
Police said that accused Sadiq shot dead his sister Sumani for bringing dishonor upon the family while his younger sister Marvi was also critically injured during attempts to save her sister.