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in a corrupt and deceitful manner

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In this case the amount of money dishonestly obtained could have been used for 10 cataract eye procedures.
Lacey, now of Partridge Crescent in Thornhill, admitted dishonestly using electricity to a value of PS180 at Kirklees Magistrates' Court in Huddersfield but said that he was not aware the meter had been tampered with.
The accused malafidely reported to its company through email that the payment has been made to PDMA for the said purpose and fraudulently/ dishonestly attached a fake pay order as a proof of payment.
FRAUD investigators are probing claims a former Tyneside gallery dishonestly sold and retained artwork.
AN art gallery once based in Newcastle is at the centre of a fraud investigation after claims of dishonestly selling and retaining artwork.
Defendant Ronald Timog, 43, of School Lane, Southsea, admitted dishonestly failing to notify a charge of circumstances - that his wife who was working occasionally lived with him.
It is alleged that between May 9, 2002, and September 1, 2010, he claimed income support while dishonestly failing to declare a change in his circumstances which he knew would affect his entitlement to the benefit.
Lady Justice Rafferty said the mother-of-three, whose children are all deaf, dishonestly claimed PS92,075, which she was not entitled to, between May, 2004 and May, 2010.
A WOMAN dishonestly claimed PS12,300 in employment benefits, a court heard.
Dale Leslie Melhuish, 28, of Stanway Road, Ely, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to dishonestly assisting in the retention, removal, disposal or realisation of stolen items, knowing or believing them to be stolen.
The 51-year-old, of Barley Fields, Bartonunder-Needwood, near Lichfield, faces two counts of carrying on a regulated activity without being an authorised or exempt person, contrary to the Act, and six of dishonestly concealing a material fact.
The 53-year-old had admitted three charges of acting dishonestly.
Dawn Pearson, 50, from Neath, dishonestly claimed pounds 33,206 in benefits in a fiddle lasting almost five years.
Mohammed and Zahida Dahowd, of Thornhill Road, Foleshill, dishonestly claimed carers' allowance and income support for five years.
Summary: Disgraced MP Eric Illsley has said that he will be resigning his seat following his conviction for dishonestly claiming expenses.