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Synonyms for disheveled

marked by an absence of cleanliness and order

Synonyms for disheveled

in disarray

References in classic literature ?
A tall young American, his thick head of hair, which had once been carefully parted in the middle, a little disheveled, his hard, clean-cut face flushed with enthusiasm, had risen to his feet and stood with a brimming glass of champagne high over his head.
The disheveled state of her home has landed Donna Walker in court, where landlords have given her a final warning.
His clothes are disheveled, his hair wild and gray.
The only alternative model to account for Andromeda's overall disheveled appearance holds that a rotating bar of gas and dust at the galaxy's center has disturbed the galaxy's structure.
By the end, the performers had exhausted the normal limits of endurance, their red faces streaked with tears, their hair wild and clothing disheveled.
mocks everything from serial killers to news events to sports and common TV cliches, with special emphasis on unique and original gags--for example, in one cartoon labeled "America's New Underclass" a disheveled man sits at a street corner begging for change by holding up a sign that reads "STILL ON DIAL-UP".
Knowing that the man wasn't a neighbor and was lying, Piper guessed from the man's disheveled appearance that he was the robber and confronted him.
If the leap over the pond leaves you feeling slightly stale and ashamed of your disheveled airplane hair, stop by the new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London's Heathrow Airport.
As the community arrived for worship they found a disheveled couple on the steps of the church begging.
Its vibe of intimacy and casualness is absorbing, and its strengths lie in a wealth of lucky-break moments: a stoned, disheveled Newcombe trying to torture a Phil Spector-esque masterpiece from his cheap four-track recorder or brawling with his bandmates onstage; Taylor preening for the camera and racking his brain for reasons why he might deserve his exfriend's abuse.
From the late 1720s until his death, the king seems to have been almost continually impaired: he adopted a schedule that reversed day and night, so that ambassadors and ministers of the crown had to transact business with the king in the predawn hours; for extended periods, he was bedridden and mute, or else prone to fits of piteous howling or bulimia; unsurprisingly, he was often filthy and disheveled, with long matted hair and untrimmed nails.
But when Nathan is on drugs, he looks disheveled, and his conversation is abrupt, Warren said.
He stood about 165 centimeters tall, had grayish, disheveled hair, and was reportedly wearing what appeared to be a black down jacket, the police said.
Adding to her turmoil, Marrisa's friends have the audacity to try to set her up with a disheveled yet eligible "handyman.
Dress me in your own yellow robes, smooth my disheveled hair, wind round my throat your garland of forest flowers.