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Synonyms for disheveled

marked by an absence of cleanliness and order

Synonyms for disheveled

in disarray

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scapigliatura Italian, literally, a disheveled state, dissoluteness, loose living, a derivative of scapigliare to dishevel
The secret is the crippled, disheveled, and possibly broken condition of the sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation/Confession in the U.
Keats to Fanny Brawne, July 25, 1819 She was bedridden, tanked on brandy and Opium, in pain, disheveled, beautiful, And for the first time unarguably physically there As he sat up long nights in the armchair, A strange adolescent beside her strange body, The only one of which he ever wished to take possession, So that later when he huddled speechless in his grief Behind the master's desk, and the whole class Fell into a hush out of sympathy with his loss, He knew they had no idea how unfortunate a one He was, or what he would give to have her bank-- His life, and the sexual form in which it possessed him.
During the discussion, a disheveled character looking a bit like Charles Manson entered--the second (and more convincing) Manson look-alike of the evening.
Whether you want to have lights border your windowsills and front door, or have animated deer pulling Santa on his sleigh on your front yard, it's best to have a consistent design theme for your decorations to prevent the decorations from looking disheveled.
The disheveled state of her home has landed Donna Walker in court, where landlords have given her a final warning.
No wonder, after a few days, he looks even more disheveled and desiccated than the actual survivors.
The Disheveled Bed is an eclectic and highly intimate anthology of the most engaging and inspiring philosophical poetry showcasing the conceptual and individualistic style of Andrea Carter Brown.
In contrast, the hairstyle for the corps girls was to be a disheveled mop, arranged ad hoc.
News shows now show gay men burping babies, midlife lesbians in bridal lace, and five fabulous gentlemen giving grooming tips to disheveled straight guys.
Matching silver palettes aside, the pairing heightens and adjusts each work's effect: In light of Tompkins's content, Parrino's pieces more than usual suggest disheveled postcoital duvets, while Parrino's minirealism brings nut Tompkins's own monochrome tones and the way flesh is rendered as if it were crumpled aluminium.
CELEBS FOR KIDS: A bespectacled and disarmingly disheveled Johnny Depp appeared truly humbled when he was honored for his philanthropic contributions at the second annual Noche de Ninos Gala last weekend.
Contemporary accounts describe him as disheveled and unappealing, and his politics were equally confusing.
They seem to have been on their feet for a few hours: Their appearance is disheveled, their gait unsure, their facial expressions apparently impaired by alcohol or drugs.
In a Refusal/DWI case, seasoned prosecutors will focus on the indicia of intoxication, including, the odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from the person's breath, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, disheveled clothing, muscular impediments including an inability to stand or walk properly.