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Synonyms for disheartenment

the feeling of despair in the face of obstacles

a communication that leaves you disheartened or daunted

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This quote reveals Dylan's disheartenment as patterns in
There were various unexpected arrivals, softening the disheartenment of such low attendance.
I felt the confusion, disheartenment, anger, and bitterness of the young victims as year after year the senseless hopelessness of their situation gnawed at them.
She says: "I am in a period of disheartenment everywhere.
DESPAIR, anguish, dejection, desperation, despondency, disheartenment, forlornness, gloom, melancholy, misery, pain and sorrow.
8) among hospital-based physical therapists undergoing a stressful reorganization was disheartenment with resultant tensions in relationships with peers, strain on collegiality, and detachment from their support network.
born out of disheartenment and chaos; and out of fear, bodily and imperious, that like a disease asked for a remedy and did not care how it was supplied" (46).
But while the mood on Wearside is one of dejection and disheartenment, a coach determined to deliver some cause for optimism is doing the job in the only way he knows how: with a smile on his face.
At the mild end of this continuum, disheartenment might develop, with slight loss of confidence.