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Synonyms for dishcloth

a cloth for washing dishes

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Dishcloth diva: your flatmate or partner has suddenly gone from grungy slacker to obsessive dishcloth diva - we're blaming Kim and Aggie
RED-FACED: Tommy dons a dishcloth and black bag for his impression of Margaret Thatcher.
But when wife Vicky served up the meal it contained something to wipe the smile off his face - a dirty dishcloth.
He added: "The dishcloth is a familiar sight in almost every kitchen in Ireland.
The catalogue of breaches at Dragon Palace included cooked food stored in raw food containers and a filthy dishcloth being used to wipe all surfaces.
By the fifth episode he was like a wrung-out dishcloth, emotionally and physically.
Normally around now we get to hear about Gwyneth Paltrow's New Year Detox Diet, a variation of culinary delights which makes you lose weight because they all taste like a dishcloth that's been left in a dirty sink, and are thus inedible.
On July 21, Public Health England confirmed four of the samples, from the chicken, pork, ham and a dishcloth, had tested positive for salmonella.
Practice this easy stitch pattern by making this quick swatch, then use it as a handy dishcloth to liven up your decor.
To run around like a whirling dervish, karate-kick the corner flag, rip off his shirt and hurl it to the ground as if it was a contaminated dishcloth, are not the marks of a mature, professional man or, indeed, someone who is thinking straight.
95, Jangneus Add some Scandinavian style to your sink with this bright dishcloth.
Instead, I opt for a washable dishcloth made of organic cotton that comes without packaging.
The boy wore jeans and a green sweater, a strange dishcloth affair slung over it.