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the state of being carelessly or partially dressed

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The women, the cheesy behavior, the fundraising excesses, the self-pity, the adolescent narcissism, the impeachment, the charges of racially tinged insults against Obama in 2008, the foundation dishabille -- all that drama has faded to a mellow saxophone riff for many Americans.
In March this year, when the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium hosted the AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers, cracks on the bleachers revealed the state of dishabille.
Far from the chaos of Thorn's dishabille, Rechtshaid's house is deep, USA-blue and relaxing to look at.
A powerful element of perversity motivates our urge to parade before the public eye little girls in the dishabille of the courtesan.
However, the main reason why I look at my best is because at that time of year it is permissible to mooch around in a state of dishabille.
Caravaggio evidently enjoyed the possibilities of Titian's half-length compositions and in this instance the similarities between their female protagonists are too overt to be accidental: Judith's pose, the tilt of her head, the side glance, and the position of the charger find obvious echoes in Caravaggio's Salome, as does the swathe of red fabric that is draped over her dishabille.
The girls appear in their bedroom six times: there they engage in physical games, eat sexually suggestive foods, and parade in dishabille.
mental dishabille and a bookstore customer is a bird-like blue rinse lady.
Scripted by Jason Dean Hall, the picture certainly doesn''t spare the blushes of its lead stars, who spend much of the picture dishabille, engaging in impressively gymnastic sex acts next to crystal blue pools or over expensive granite work surfaces.
Scripted by Jason Dean Hall, the picture certainly doesn't spare the blushes of its lead stars, who spend much of the picture dishabille, engaging in impressively gymnastic sex acts.
Eugene Delacroix's famous painting of a bare-breasted Liberty brandishing the French revolutionary flag, Rediker noted, looked awfully similar to engravings of the notorious lady pirate Anne Bonny, who was typically depicted in similar dishabille.
It could be a film scene from a sumptuous period drama, stuffed to the rafters with cads, bounders, sweaty jodhpurs and Dame Maggie Smith looking aghast at the scullery maid's state of dishabille.
While her gown is, on the one hand, falling off her shoulder in an alluring state of dishabille, it simultaneously references the white robes that typically adorn figurative female subjects, often baring one shoulder as they do.
As she began discreetly but frantically resnapping, Mc Gegan, apparently not noticing, plunged ahead with the music, which Chang played in slight dishabille.