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Synonyms for dishabille

the state of being carelessly or partially dressed

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In contrast, the bodies of the prostitutes themselves more often than not appear fully clothed, dishabille, or discreetly hidden from the camera by the bodies of the male customers who mount them.
If nothing else, Bettie's lack of self-consciousness was at the top of the list of things to capture," says Mol who spends a great deal of "Bettie Page" in some form of dishabille.
Robert Graves makes the distinction in one of his late poems:</p> <pre> The nude are bold, the nude are sly, They hold each treasonable eye, While draping in a showman's trick Their dishabille in rhetoric.
Kneeling before her in her disconcerting dishabille, I delivered a heartfelt encomium to the superior quality of the selected items, to the impeccable taste of her generous helpmeet, and--as I slipped off her old plum-colored pumps and ran one finger along the subtle rise and fall of her instep (she was wearing cotton socks, so the effect was probably not all that I intended)to the ravishing beauty of her exquisitely delicate feet, for which these shoes were expressly crafted.
danseuSES diSHabille aSKEd perSOnalized leSS neceSSAry mouSSE chauSSES liSTen iSTHmus SWord anSWErable ziziTH KiribaTI anTS boaTSWAin Xi waltz ecZEma
So this time round, it's up to newcomer Katie Nauta, playing a gun-toting blonde vixen, to blast everything in sight, dishabille in skimpy lingerie and stockings.
For about $400, Moody and Olivas ended up with a CD of three sets of glamour shots - retouched for best effect - of themselves in various displays of artful dishabille.
However, the main reason why I look at my best is because at that time of year it is permissible to mooch around in a state of dishabille.
Caravaggio evidently enjoyed the possibilities of Titian's half-length compositions and in this instance the similarities between their female protagonists are too overt to be accidental: Judith's pose, the tilt of her head, the side glance, and the position of the charger find obvious echoes in Caravaggio's Salome, as does the swathe of red fabric that is draped over her dishabille.
The girls appear in their bedroom six times: there they engage in physical games, eat sexually suggestive foods, and parade in dishabille.
Should you be caught in a state of dishabille when the phone rings, you can utilize the video blocker option that will show a snapshot of you in a more-viewable mode instead, or simply not press the "start" button on your end.
There is always a certain excitement, a certain freshness, about seeing an exhibition in this state of morning dishabille, as it were.
102, the erotic element is not explicitly fronted, but the direct associations of such dishabille certainly suggest its presence.
The accompanying imagery of dishabille begins with an "unbonneted" Lear (3.
Whether they're dressing or undressing is unclear, but standing in partial dishabille on either side of what appears to be a single bed, they regard one another in an attentive, male-to-male gaze.