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shaped like a dish or pan

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Dish-shaped mouths are generally a feature of ceramics from earlier periods in China, from the Eastern Jin to the Tang dynasties in particular, ie from the 4th to the beginning of the 10th century.
An additional 60 mid-frequency dish-shaped antennas, each about 15m high, will be built, as well as a large number of small, low-frequency antennas-each about 1,5 m high.
Soups: Blotter Soup is filled with rich salt-and-hand-cream-textured colors poured over dish-shaped ink blotters.
The dish-shaped leaves filled with tempting combinations such as ginger chicken with rice and prawns are just 100 calories each.
Watch for mini-environments such as isolated rockpiles and dish-shaped weedy openings slightly deeper than the surrounding timber.
The 27 dish-shaped radio antennae that make up the Very Large Array move on tracks and tilt to pick up the clearest signal coming from the object they're observing.
We focused on six native species that were abundant and had floral morphologies (flower shapes) that varied from legumes with hidden nectaries and anthers (purple locoweed [Oxytropis lambertii] and American vetch [Vicia americana]), to species with dish-shaped flowers and obvious pollen and nectar (prairie flax [Linum lewisii], yellow sundrops [Calylophus serrulatus], and scarlet globemallow [Sphaeralcea coccinea]), to the bell-shaped flowers of blue bellflower (Campanula rotundifolia).
Collette liked her Hunter's chicken, salad and chips but not the tame chardonnay, while a pint of Tetley's was superior to my waitress-recommended main course of Cumberland sausage, mashed potato, gravy and peas, all served inside a vast, dish-shaped Yorkshire pud.
Dish systems use dish-shaped parabolic mirrors as reflectors to concentrate and focus the sun's rays onto a receiver, which is mounted above the dish at the dish center.
Radio telescopes are huge, dish-shaped structures that collect radio waves, which can be converted into images that reveal details we can't see with our eyes alone.
It was found on Coatham beach by a local butcher as he exercised his dog and he had no doubt that the grey dish-shaped bone was from the back of a human skull.
The blunt end fits into any one of several dish-shaped detent holes to customize the length of the extension.
The nine-inca barrel is round-groove rifled with a twist of 1-in-16 to stabilize a patched round ball and an 11-degree dish-shaped crown protects the muzzle and aids in easy loading.
In bonsai, the pot must have ample drain holes, (usually three times more than the drainage area of a flower pot) and the inside bottom must be perfectly flat so that water can freely drain and not collect in corners or in dish-shaped imperfections.
The city of Akune, located in southwestern Japan, will host one of two dish-shaped antennas, which along with the four satellites and two data control centers, will make up the system.