dish the dirt

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wag one's tongue


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It gives the fired candidate the chance to dish the dirt on their colleagues.
WEDNESDAY Room 101 (BBC2, 10pm) IT'S Phillip Schofield's turn to dish the dirt on his pet hates .
A stately home which played host to a live-in hermit is recruiting a professional gossip willing to dish the dirt about the estate's steamier side.
Academy Awards Pre-Show '98,'' Joan and Melissa Rivers will dish the dirt on fashions (E
Oppenheimer claims that he has interviewed EVERYONE on Walters's life--more than 400 friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and enemies--but if you want to dish the dirt it's not all here.
But she's also going to dish the dirt on what happened between her and Mario Falcone and Mark Wright.
DISH THE DIRT For older kids, bridging the gap between scooters and the BMX is the dirt scooter.
Bosses are hoping she'll dish the dirt on life with Ryan," an unattributed source told the newspaper.
Naturally, they will return to the boardroom with their findings and dish the dirt on the ones they think haven't got the legs, as well as revealing who they believe have got what it takes.
SINGER Peter Andre has vowed not to dish the dirt on his marriage to model Katie Price.
CIA analyst Osbourne Cox (John Malkovich) plans to dish the dirt on his time at the agency.
Pearson said Cheeta would dish the dirt and claimed Tarzan legend Johnny Weissmuller's wives get a "terrible kicking".
They said if I don't get my son a dog for his birthday they'll dish the dirt on me.
Glamour model Jordan has threatened to dish the dirt on Gareth when the third I'm A Celebrity.
A GRIEVING father last night pledged to dish the dirt on his son's loyalist killers to new police chief Hugh Orde.