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Synonyms for disgustingness

extreme unpalatability to the mouth

the property of being extremely unacceptable to the mind

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I'm having a good time with this, because Wilson's interest in her life is for what it tells us about the work, and since he himself is a novelist this is perceptive, though I also notice that he slips in details about the filth of the lavatory and the disgustingness of the meals.
But there are also facts of fundamental importance, like the fact that German obscenity law worries about humiliation and subordination, not about disgustingness.
Understanding disgustingness is philosophically important partly because claims about disgustingness play a prominent role in moral discourse and practice.
If you ever wondered what your house might look like if you stopped cleaning, Scott's Glasgow flat should give you an idea of the level of disgustingness it's possible to reach.
But as Kim and Aggie return for a new series, tonight's Cornish cottage sets new lows in disgustingness.