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in a disgusting manner or to a disgusting degree

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As something thickens (whether or not that might be the plot is always disgustingly debatable in a Hashbrown story), Hashbrown and Mashimoto and eccentric friends find a reason to team up and struggle to solve a bigger problem that threatens Pordunce Elementary which, by the way, is a far cry from your typical elementary school.
Yet disgustingly, when this appalling matter was finally uncovered, a serious case review was only launched by the local authority when the victim's mother took legal action.
WhatCOs with denying charges and only admitting to the consumption of alcohol ; Has alcohol become a way to justify peopleCOs actions that may clash with a countryCOs morals ; ThatCOs disgustingly arrogant.
In "The Secret Hangman", Diamond is hot on the trail of a serial killer, who disgustingly hangs his victims in gore-ridden fashion.
She can follow her dad, Mike, to Toronto, where he'll be teaching a course and "shacking up" with his disgustingly cheerful new girlfriend.
Very occasionally you see a real star turn out - I remember it was a pleasure watching Gianfranco Zola prove he had lost none of his magic at an event last year - but basically the tournament just goes to show how disgustingly overused the word 'legend' has become.
Working at a theme park (sun, crazy rides and disgustingly bad-for-you food)
I cannot believe that you put in the paper that disgustingly vicious cartoon of Patrick O'Connor's showing smoke from the World Trade Center as an ad for the president.
With added 'narration' from Colonel Ken (imagine Oliver Reed if he had been an expat worker) really lowering the tone to disgustingly funny levels at the start of each chapter, you can`t help but keep reading until you have finished the entire thing.
Last summer, families couldn't afford to refrigerate milk for their infants, seniors couldn't afford to turn on a fan to keep cool, all because Ken Lay and others believed that being disgustingly rich wasn't enough, and because they legally bribed our government officials to enrich themselves even more," said Mildred Brown, legislative representative of ACORN.
They're a lot better than those disgustingly sweet fruit-centred breakfast cereal bars anyway.
The neoliberal poverty pimps' status underwrites the disgustingly smug, self-righteous, third-person discourse that dehumanizes and disparages poor people.
Some historians believe Braddock was the woman who once accused Sir Winston Churchill of being "disgustingly drunk", to which he famously replied: "But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.
Firstly, the letter would remain unposted and simply end up disgustingly wet and soggy.
She said: "Last year, a significant minority of students created a nuisance, damaged town property, were disgustingly rude to others and even became aggressive or violent.