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Synonyms for disgracefully

in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree

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She was crying from pure shame and humiliation for you; because she could not bear to see you conduct yourself so disgracefully.
I took disgracefully little interest in the Negotiations, while the Ultimatum appealed to Raffles as a sporting flutter.
Muriel," she said, "you are behaving disgracefully.
The disgracefully deceitful circumstances under which Mrs.
He was disgracefully thrown out, for a gentleman who had seen so much of the world, and thought, 'Now, how am I to take this?
He was under a pressing and continual necessity of looking at that gentleman, which occasioned his eye-glass to get into his soup, into his wine-glass, into Mrs Meagles's plate, to hang down his back like a bell-rope, and be several times disgracefully restored to his bosom by one of the dingy men.
So it feels important to say how this remains utterly, disgracefully inexcusable in the seventh richest country in the world.
The Intern 121mins 12A FROM Father Of The Bride to Something's Gotta Give to It's Complicated, writer/director Nancy Meyers has been cornering the market in light comedies featuring characters growing old disgracefully.
GROWING ROWING up disgracefully, the stars of the original gross-out teen stars of the original gross-out teen movie American Pie return older but non-the-wiser for American Reunion (Channel 4, tonight, 9pm).
I decided when I was 50 that I was going to grow old disgracefully.
And add to that her years spent starring in the hit sitcom Golden Girls, which was about four female friends ageing disgracefully, and she's the perfect host for a US version of the show where pensioners prank youngsters.
He also drills down on the relentless focus on transport in and across London that has so disgracefully skewed transport spending in the UK.
We chat to Paul O'Grady about his show and why he plans on growing old disgracefully.
A mean government, which is quick to say how much it appreciates what our forces do, still treats them and their families disgracefully.
Sports Personality of the Year's his for the taking KEITH RICHARDS: Rock's most elegantly wasted human being grows old disgracefully as the Stones mark 50 years.