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the discontinuation of a franchise

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Compounding the problem of felon disfranchisement is the enumeration of prisoners as residents of prison towns in the U.
Systematic disfranchisement of blacks in the city that began after Reconstruction was completed after the riot in 1908 when "white voters approved a law denying African Americans the right to vote" (p.
The uncertain; shifting, sharply contested possibilities that had characterized racial issues in the South on the eve of disfranchisement were now definitively closed.
Moreover, even though all states other than Maine and Vermont have some sort of felon disfranchisement laws, some states (e.
They need to recognize, Harrison asserts, that by not taking more aggressive action to combat the segregation to which the Republicans had condemned black southerners, Northern blacks had led both Republicans and Democrats to believe that black citizens would not offer any resistance to continued disfranchisement, and that both parties could thus continue to disempower blacks with impunity.
Part 3: Black Disfranchisement from the KKK to the Grandfather Clause, 82 COLUM.
By structuring his play about black modern life in relationship to the legacy of slavery, Wolfe engages in a debate about what role that historical wound should play in the ways that contemporary blacks conceive of themselves: he ponders whether slavery constitutes a necessary means for assessing subsequent black disfranchisement, or whether it weighs blacks down, making their racial identity tantamount to victim status.
Blacks who never before "murmur[ed] Disfranchisement, Jim Crowism, unpaved streets, poor sanitation, lynching and the most cruel discrimination practiced upon Negroes in the South will finally change the old ante bellum program.
In Regina such mutual interest in working together had first manifested itself in March 1935, when the city's CCF council and local Communists agreed to jointly press for more generous relief payments and the adoption of a national non-contributory unemployment insurance scheme, and also to oppose "forced labor and the disfranchisement and partial disfranchisement of workers whether employed or unemployed.
The American South long ago laid down the burdens of minority disfranchisement and has integrated African Americans fully into its political life," Blum said.
Marginalization from work, new forms of disfranchisement, racialized policing and mass incarceration, hate crimes, and especially the mass arming of the U.
Rape was the mask behind which disfranchisement was hidden, but it was part of the larger charade of plantation mythology that set out to restore southern pride and revive a paradigm of white manliness that the legacy of the war and the economic and political rise of blacks during Reconstruction had called seriously into question.
There is, however, an irony in the fact that, priced at $110 with no African concession, the book is a virtual intellectual no-go area for Africans, although the availability in Africa itself of similar but far less expensive continent-wide studies should mitigate the problem of Africa's disfranchisement from accounts of its own heritage.
Vardaman's and Ben Tillman's insistence a hundred years ago that disfranchisement and Jim Crow were good for black Mississippians and South Carolinians.
Crummell's own apologia included relative silence on lynching and disfranchisement, even as Afro-Americans were being engulfed by them ("The Assassination of President Garfield," 1881).