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deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote

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Studies of individual states have concluded that, in some, more whites than blacks turned out to have been disfranchised after grandfather provisions were eliminated or held unconstitutional.
For her, Jones' piece is the culminating achievement of the "ideological boosters of utilitarian art [who] hark back to the political crusades of the sixties"; it is the icon of the undiscussable, "dissed blacks, abused women, or disfranchised homosexuals"; it is a symptom of the death of the kind of esthetic "disinterestedness" in which the "grandeur of the individual spirit" transcends "the political clout of the group.
68) During a press conference in September 1938, FDR had criticized the Virginia poll tax, which he said disfranchised about two-thirds of the state's white voters.
The opinions of the largely disfranchised southern blacks didn't count before the 1940s and are therefore difficult to gauge.
315) The Baptists were treated with a little more leniency, but Jews and Catholics were disfranchised in most American colonies, in some cases, until the nineteenth century.
Kuwait is very keen on observing the rights of children on a regional and international level especially when it comes to the rights of the disfranchised youth, said a Kuwait official here late Friday.
That said, I suppose you could argue that a show like this gives a voice to the forgotten disfranchised in our society.
He said the need for a new democratic alliance, involving small parties offering third alternative, to add and engage the disfranchised in the electoral process, was more important than even before.
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1999; and Educating the Disfranchised and Disinherited: Samuel Chapman Armstrong and Hampton Institute, 1839-1893, by Robert Francis Engs.
They reason that if a "powerful man" like Ouattara could be disfranchised, then the lesser fry could equally be deprived of the Ivorian citizenship they had taken for granted (some had inherited it from the common citizenship -- which the French accorded to the people of their territories) and that they might have sweated in vain for the property they had acquired (which could be seized if they lost their citizenship)
It is alarming for us that Ms Stuart should feel disfranchised from the process of drawing up the draft constitution on such an important matter for Britain.
The electoral register was subjected to what might be described today as a kind of ethnic cleansing, as immigrants from countries with which Canada was at war were disfranchised if they had been naturalized for less than 15 years.
prison system has become a force for regulating and containing the poor and disfranchised is similarly a component of the contemporary European penal system.
To avoid the defects of previous litigation, Smith pulled together extensive newspaper reports chronicling the comparative numbers of blacks and whites disfranchised in different counties of Alabama by the new constitution.
Seen through the eyes of disfranchised artists, to put it delicately, there've always been questions about accounting - about who is or isn't getting paid.