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Synonyms for disfigure



Synonyms for disfigure

to alter and spoil the natural form or appearance of

Synonyms for disfigure

mar or spoil the appearance of

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In its disfiguration of the Romantic Idea the Gothic is thus part of what Green, following Hegel, calls the work of the negative, (37) whether as a transitional negation of Romanticism's tendency to settle into aesthetic ideology, or as an untransformed potentiality aware of its traumatic core.
Figures ever new" are cast off in the cinematography of the poem (248), which commingles the beautiful, the sublime, and the repellent, thus preserving the possibility of transfiguration within disfiguration.
This shift in rhetorical strategy marks a crucial psychological shift - from a wholesale disfiguration (neurosis) to a delusional wholeness (psychosis).
Unlike the Lacanian myth where language signifies the entry into symbolic castration (substitution, division, difference), and, as such, potentiates metaphor, the Lawrentian myth evokes a primal state before metaphor, where words articulate the "truth" of desire without distortion, disguise, or disfiguration (in essence, this is a linguistic version of the Lacanian "imaginary," a kind of ur-text issuing from a site of primordial fusion).
Prompting the interpretive predicaments that signs of disfiguration engender, the text urges us to decipher "both a rhetorical and physical process or effect" that leaves "uncertain the relationship between them" (Chase 6).
Thus, the photograph's greater ability to figure only results in greater disfiguration.
Diller gave a cool 60 grand to aid the organization, which helps children around the world born with cleft palates and facial disfigurations.
Armstrong offers an especially fine reading of the Euclidian logic of early modern mapmaking in relation to what Lacan terms the advent of the era of the ego and the accelerated imperatives of empire, as well as the inevitable anamorphic distortions haunting such rationalized spaces--the disfigurations "on the margins of [the] Elizabethan 'world picture'" revealing its radical contingencies.
The best way of making sense of the variegated transmutations and disfigurations inflicted upon the body in Fight Club may be to consider them as cinematic tropes that gauge the nature of the fluctuating relation between subjectivity and masculinity.
Pregnant women were advised to stay in curtained rooms because of a belief that the Sun's invisible rays would harm unborn babies, which could suffer disfigurations, birthmarks or other congenital defects.
They were brutal men and the fighting was extraordinarily vicious, marked by rapes, mass murders, disfigurations, tortures and other atrocities.
Finally, to see this art in terms of reaction-formation is also to see it, necessarily, in a relational field that includes not only the disfigurations of the body in Expressionism, Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism but also the reconstructions of the body in Constructivism and the Bauhaus.
a prophet of disfiguring, the others have already begun on refiguring, in, with, and under the disfigurations of humanity and cosmos that we now are living through.
No "one" who reads the texts of Shelley's poems in this way can miss the "One" that is the full presence of the Cogito in the otherwise chaotic action of the brain that, by virtue of its "madness" or "chaos," vibrates as the mind's pure potential that is consciousness, the "One" becoming Shelley's final naming of his many figured disfigurations of the "one mind" that is mind itself.