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Synonyms for disfigure



Synonyms for disfigure

to alter and spoil the natural form or appearance of

Synonyms for disfigure

mar or spoil the appearance of

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In its disfiguration of the Romantic Idea the Gothic is thus part of what Green, following Hegel, calls the work of the negative, (37) whether as a transitional negation of Romanticism's tendency to settle into aesthetic ideology, or as an untransformed potentiality aware of its traumatic core.
Thus, the photograph's greater ability to figure only results in greater disfiguration.
Many Vietnamese, however, say the country has been forced to attend to a disproportionately high number of disfigurations -- and some blame the U.
The Vietnam War spawned a host of disfigurations, deformations of both body and spirit.
47), and this is signalled in critical anticipation: 'In all its strange Joycean paronomasia, its verbal disfigurations and dispersions, and in all its Beckettian ur-absurdity, Our Mutual Friend constantly interrupts any logic of readerly disavowal' (p.
For, whereas neo-classical textuality, that is, within the French frame, is characteristically borne and sustained of disfigurations(19)--linguistic, structural, semantic, thematic--Guilleragues' is a network that de-constructs (not merely in the critically post-modern sense; but literally, etymologically, philologically); his is an iterative mode, a process akin to meiotic reduction through which figures are disfigured into disfigurations, these, in turn, re-distorted and converted into nullity.
In Lady Chatterley's Lover, the paradigm for all such disfigurations is that writ large on the national body of England, when its historical decay is configured as a sequence of substitutions, rooted in similarity and difference.
Yet within the patriarchal order the "normal" figurations of female sexuality take the form of literal disfigurations.
38) Thus, the sadistic beatings, brandings, hangings, amputations and bodily disfigurations that constituted seventeenth-century punishment are not inflicted upon Hester Prynne.
She spends much of her time caring for burn patients, and pointed out that in addition to suffering permanent disfigurations, her burn patients often endure lifelong limits on function that leave them unable to close their eyes or mouths because of scar formation.
THE British Red Cross's skin camouflage team have been helping thousands of people across Scotland every year to disguise birth marks and other skin disfigurations.
Rill, 2007, and Spring Puddle, 2008, are as unabashedly lush and pleasing as the disfigurations of Bacall and Carson are acidic and horrifying.
Such textual figurations and disfigurations that come through "a process of recognition, a perception of the affinity between two [or more] different modes of presence, figurative and literal, of the same signification" (Chase 23) might explain the elaborate workings of the textual signification.
I will demonstrate how hair transplant surgery at the site of scars from disease, trauma or plastic surgical alterations of the hairline can permanently correct disfigurations.
In addition to any political ruminations triggered by both series, the similarity between these images and our current (though perhaps waning) penchant for so-called goth disfigurations is uncanny.