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Synonyms for disfiguration

an appearance that has been spoiled or is misshapen

the act of damaging the appearance or surface of something

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Buchloh, "Raymond Pettibon: Return to Disorder and Disfiguration," in Raymond Pettabon: A Reader, ed.
This case demonstrates how important it is to consider this entity in the differential diagnosis of spindle cell lesions; had she received the correct diagnosis initially, she might have been spared the degree of disfiguration and morbidity that she experienced.
The Disfiguration of Enlightenment: War, Trauma, and the Historical Novel in Godwin's Mandeville.
Graphic violence," which is all that is involved in this case (so far as appears, the plaintiffs do not manufacture, at least for exhibition in game arcades and other public places, video games that have "strong sexual content"), is defined to mean "an amusement machine's visual depiction or representation of realistic serious injury to a human or human-like being where such serious injury includes amputation, decapitation, dismemberment, bloodshed, mutilation, maiming or disfiguration [disfigurement].
In the final two lines, Owen, because of the soldier's oral disfiguration and vocal disability, fashions a mask that can smile to fulfill the trope's definition.
If a worker's foot is cut, it can become diseased, leading to disfiguration or even death, Patric Campbell said.
The logic of the war on terrorism is clearly discernible in the Israeli genocidal policy of disfiguration of old Palestine and the way the Western media report from the occupied West Bank: when the Israeli Army, in what Israel itself describes as a "war" operation, deliberately sets about systematically destroying the Palestinian landscape, Palestinian resi stance is cited as proof that we are dealing with terrorists.
But further, besides the giving and taking away of figurative faces or the facing and defacing of the self in an autobiographical narrative, for de Man the prosopopoeic function of tropes concerns the whole status of a figure, figuration and disfiguration.
This often leads to major joint disfiguration and disability in the later stages of disease.
Under certain conditions they have led to pain, build up of fragile bone, and disfiguration of the jaw.
Late sequelae are constituted by residual body scarring and facial disfiguration.
The four-year-old Bosnian boy is making an amazing recovery after the 12-hour operation on a dreadful disfiguration due to a rare condition.
5) This final context in which "the One remains, the many change and pass" (460) is the context in which Shelley tramples to fragments what he has carefully constructed and has been deconstructing all along, without, however, himself fully inhabiting the consciousness that is this radical disfiguration within figuration.
Since it works through substitutions, metaphor is the figural form of this wrenching, the mark of a symptomatic disfiguration.
We believe it is another step in the right direction that plastic surgeons can now use our knowledge and skills to advance facial transplant to improve quality of life for those with severe facial disfiguration," said Mark Jewell, MD, President of ASAPS.