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Synonyms for disfiguration

an appearance that has been spoiled or is misshapen

the act of damaging the appearance or surface of something

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However, early recognition can prevent permanent disfiguration.
Even when benignity of the neoplasm can be established with reasonable certainty, most patients are motivated to have surgical resection due to progressive disfiguration of an enlarging benign tumour.
Rs 200,000 compensation would be paid to a passenger in case of permanent disfiguration of the face or head and Rs 25000 in case of loss of one or more teeth.
In part I, the mechanisms of wound healing are discussed in the context of planning the surgical technique to minimize scarring and disfiguration, as well as operative procedure to maximize patient comfort and warning of potential complications.
Toland reports that endemic poverty motivates the disfiguration of these people, whose limbs and organs fetch extremely high prices for use in panaceas and rituals.
Much more was prescribed in the communication, including injunctions against torture, the disfiguration of the dead, the attribution of evil acts to God, the destruction of the graves and shrines of Prophets and Companions, as well as armed insurrections.
Moreover, the flap has great tissue volume and can be harvested without scrotum disfiguration.
27) In the more recent drawings, masks alternate with a recurrent profile of a bird's head (often skeletal) that also seems, in some manner, to be a self-projection and bears the marks of disfiguration in turn.
moderate disfiguration, admittance to the ICU for more than 48 hours, etc.
There is no denial of the fact that many deaths and loss of limbs and serious disfiguration of victims can be saved by timely medical attention.
The best (and maybe the worst as well) thing about this movie is the disfiguration of Christian Bale.
Tumours of upper aero digestive tract are a great challenge to the modern medical science and to the patient as it often calls for a major surgery which often leads to disfiguration also.
This case demonstrates how important it is to consider this entity in the differential diagnosis of spindle cell lesions; had she received the correct diagnosis initially, she might have been spared the degree of disfiguration and morbidity that she experienced.
This matrix of deconstruction, disfiguration, exposure, and invisibility maps onto the paradox at the center of The Invisible Matt.
When Shelley dismisses Symbolic disfiguration by associating it with social decay, he writes from a conventionally "Romantic" perspective.