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Synonyms for disfavour

Synonyms for disfavour

the state of being out of favor


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an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group

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He had fallen into public disfavour after flip-flopping on a campaign pledge to relocate the massive US military base on Okinawa.
One can claim to personally be witness to that outrageous behaviour by the state where government disfavour of the opposition is personalised, where the state's animosity to its foes bends the rules against them to which one can literarily testify.
He had made a batch of the chocolate treats on Martin Luther King day, hoping to make his customers smile, but he instead sparked outrage and earned himself the disfavour of neighbouring store owners.
Unfortunately such committees only facilitate for a short time and even then the training provided, for the most part enables trainees to find employment at another more affluent community; all to the disfavour of the original community.
Although she aroused disfavour in liberal circles, where the freedom of expression was paramount, even if this involved literature or images which were profoundly distasteful, her stance gained the support of some far less extreme commentators, who shared her opinion that pornography could provoke violence, while debasing humanity.
Wendyll Woods' use of the whip on Top Nolans found disfavour with the stewards.
Some individuals and minorities may, on a given occasion, sit in disfavour with the majority opinion.
To me it was very clear this report was viewed with great disfavour by leadership at the CQC.
As we have said before,if we cannot respect and protect our educators as a society,and enable them to teach without fear and disfavour, then we might as well close down our schools now and have done with it.
Alan Ayckbourn has hardly been through such a sustained period of disfavour that his work needs to be rediscovered.
He added: "Helen Liddell clearly attracted disfavour from Labour campaign forces during the election .
You have brought odium and yourself and your family and done your colleagues a huge disfavour.
It is quite correct that they had not committed any Jockey Club offence, but their game plan backfired, and the majority of the punters made it quite clear that they viewed their actions with disfavour.
The fact that it has two stellar actors at its helm - Keith Allen joins Tara - won't do it any disfavours.