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Synonyms for disfavor

unfavorable opinion or judgment

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for disfavor

the state of being out of favor


Related Words

an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group

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By (A), however, this amounts to claiming that my murdering John is worthy of my greater disfavor than George's murdering John.
Pavlik and her associates undertook their analysis based on patients who were taking vitamin E during the time before highdoes vitamin E fell into disfavor.
By the time she grew old enough to marry, John Smith had fallen into disfavor and disappeared from her life; and the settlers had barely survived many changes in leadership and adapting to life in America.
As a Navy chaplain, I once experienced much disfavor among other chaplaIns in Vietnam when I pondered among them, "What rank do you think Christ would have worn?
A proposed acquisition of ADVO drew the market's disfavor and the stock dropped from $24 to $18 since early July.
Legally, the courts disfavor the use of race unless (as in Gautreaux), race is used as a direct remedy to documented discrimination.
Loehe tried to mediate a dispute between Walther and Grabau and earned disfavor from supporters of both sides
Scorning Fuks's perpetual uneasiness over his boss's disfavor as he probes the Wojtys family's tics and quirks for clues, Witold records the minutiae of his moment-by-moment existence with the scrupulousness of a forensic pathologist.
From allegory as a device for interpreting Biblical passages that fell into disfavor since the eighteenth century but is occasionally still used at the popular level, to a brief history of the interpretation of the Book of Zechariah, Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible is filled with thoughtful, well-reasoned discourse and is highly accessible to readers of all backgrounds.
In North America, coastal salmon farms fell into public disfavor as they became implicated in both algae blooms (fed by fish feces) and the further decline of wild salmon runs (due to competition and interbreeding with escapees from the farms).
22) In Fifty Years among the Baptists, David Benedict recalled this disfavor in the words of an elderly lady who once said, "You could hardly find one among them [Baptists] but what was deformed in some way or other.
Barghouti's late registration as a candidate is drawing disfavor from some of those who were once thought to be his most likely supporters.
She fell into disfavor with Cummings and was ordered to stay in Las Vegas.
Many of the reasons for Kircher's recent and well-deserved popularity are just those features of his career and writings that found such disfavor among critics from the eighteenth century to the twentieth, as Daniel Stolzenberg points out in his introductory essay.