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deprive (an established church) of its status

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The First Amendment at the national level, like disestablishment at the state level, was intended to prevent the government from exercising control over religion, which was seen as a particularly important and valuable institution for the formation of public character and opinion in a republic.
The principal motivation for disestablishment was that the established Church proclaimed the divine status of obedience to the King of England.
25) It was the rejection of this idea that constituted the disestablishment of religion in America.
Secondly, the formal disestablishment of the churches that had held power in several of the colonies and the de facto pluralism that had resulted from the steady stream of diverse immigration into the colonies produced the phenomenon of denominationalism, by which a wide variety of religious groups attained equal status in the eyes of the law and found themselves thus in a competitive situation with one another.
Hammond, Religion and Personal Autonomy: The Third Disestablishment in America (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1992).