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the act terminating an established state of affairs

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40) So it must be conceded that the practice of voluntaryism and disestablishmentarianism, that is, the separation of church and state, occasionally lagged behind the principle.
While it is possible that Howison was Chief Justice Waite's sole published source for his historical background, it is likely that for the specific history of the development of religious freedom in that state, the jurist followed Howison's footnote trail to the work of a Baptist minister and native son who similarly found the inspiration for religious freedom and disestablishmentarianism in Virginia--Robert Semple, whose Virginia Baptists, contained a complete copy of Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance.
Q: Or consider disestablishmentarianism, by which I mean the dismantling of such top-down medical establishment organizations as academic health centers, integrated delivery systems, and large HMOs.
These are definitive features of disestablishmentarianism.
He credited the Puritan divine Byfeld with incircumscriptibleness, Doctor Benson with antidisestablishmentarians, and William Gladstone with disestablishmentarianism.