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the act terminating an established state of affairs

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The church crisis in our time relates to its disestablishment from the cultural supports that previously propped it up in the form of American civil religion.
Consultation is due to begin on the disestablishment of Haslucks Green Road to enable the funding of a new crossing patrol site on Yorkminster Drive, outside the newly-relocated Bishop Wilson Church of England Junior and Infant School.
The political elements that advocated war with Great Britain also refused to adequately fund the army and the navy, while at the same time approving the disestablishment of the Bank of the United States.
Until the disestablishment of the Church of England, clergy will be forced to toe the establishment line and Welby, like most of his predecessors, will have to doff his mitre to his boss, the monarch and head of the Church of England.
That experience fueled disestablishment efforts that influenced the founders and led to the First Amendment's guarantee that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Either accept the increasing and unwelcome intervention of politicians in its affairs - or take the nuclear option of disestablishment.
MPs expressed dismay and warned that the decision would intensify calls for the disestablishment of the Church of England, the report said.
The so-called Disestablishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution states that, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
The VAW-77 Nightwolves, the Navy's only dedicated counter-narcotics squadron, is scheduled for disestablishment on 31 March 2013.
The Department of Defense (DOD) announced 2 May that as part of the disestablishment of the U.
The Second Disestablishment illuminates much that has gone unexplained about the progressive separation of church and state, not only from American politics, but also from law itself.
The transfer of work and disestablishment of roles is expected to be completed by the end of November this year, with full decommissioning due to be completed by the end of January 2012.
leadership, antimilitary discomfort within the Organization of American States (OAS), and shrinking resources--has been ineffective and is ripe for disestablishment.
The First Amendment at the national level, like disestablishment at the state level, was intended to prevent the government from exercising control over religion, which was seen as a particularly important and valuable institution for the formation of public character and opinion in a republic.
alternative prospect of adopting familial disestablishment through state