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deprive (an established church) of its status

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Surely disestablishing that church and taking its land and endowments to support other parishes or pay diocesan debts is as gross a breach of trust.
This report discusses (1) key services AFIP provides to the military and civilian communities; (2) DOD's plans to terminate, relocate, or outsource services currently provided by AFIP; and (3) the potential impacts of disestablishing AFIP on military and civilian communities.
But there was little widespread fear that Mr Brown's proposal would be the first step on a road to disestablishing the Church of England.
951(b) 12-0 Creates form for order disestablishing paternity
After 30 years here, I have come to the conclusion that disestablishing religion--while guaranteeing the free exercise of any religion--was arguably the single most important legacy of the Founding Fathers.
While their diagnoses of the problem differed (Appiah seeing postcolonialism as existing in an ambivalent relationship with postmodern commodification; Bhabha locating postcolonialism as a reconfiguration of postmodern contingency, but as a type of wily agency), both Bhabha and Appiah noted the importance of disestablishing the primacy of the Self-Other division in this equation and championed the circulations and hybridities of contemporary cultures.
Even though his attempt at disestablishing the state church failed, Madison had planted an important seed.