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Synonyms for disentangle

Synonyms for disentangle

to free from an entanglement

Synonyms for disentangle

release from entanglement of difficulty

free from involvement or entanglement

separate the tangles of

smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb

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They provide a simple accounting framework that disentangles the factors driving the accumulation of external assets and liabilities (such as trade imbalances, investment income flows, and capital gains) for major external creditors and debtors.
Bookcase rating: *** Bookcase says: ``Swashbuckling historical yarn that disentangles popular pirate myths from brutal fact.
Her analysis disentangles "the war on terror" as a ruthless intervention that destroys democracy, increases poverty and inequality, and encourages violence.
The group, which includes a priest and rabbi as consultants on religious matters, also clears up religious misconceptions and disentangles faith-based beliefs from customs to help couples find room for compromise, says Dan Josephs, who is Catholic.
Finkelstein's account sometimes too cleanly disentangles Jewish nationalism from the European theater, whose xenophobia and persistent anti-Semitism were certainly critical to Zionism's emergence.
Unlike his twentieth century psychiatrists who separate religion from its underlying psychological cause, Rubin never quite disentangles himself from the conviction that Protestantism is the cause of religious melancholy.
Michael Jaffe disentangles the attribution of two versions of Van Dyck's portrait of Sir Edmund Verney, identifying the hand of the master from a studio product.
The study disentangles the effect of low birth weight from other effects such as maternal IQ and social disadvantages.
The short engagement in the Channel is only understandable if one disentangles the trends that made it necessary and this is the aim of this admirable study.
Von Maltzahn disentangles some of them, including the relationship of the so-called "Digression" (into the state of England in 1649) to the rest of the text.
The author disentangles the various strands in this awesome confrontation with skill and he also balances the wider view with an attention to the detail that brings it all back to life.