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the act of releasing from a snarled or tangled condition

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As the strain rate is increased, the polymer chains do not have enough time to undergo yielding, and disentanglement is favored over yielding.
This type of growth of this craze-like feature occurs through the disentanglement and breakdown of the numerous microfibrils (Figure 6a).
They went out and had two disentanglement attempts that were unsuccessful because she was very evasive, and at that point they asked Michael and his team to administer a light sedative.
On the other hand, the increasing disentanglement of politics and finance in early twentieth-century, public political discourse created a number of stresses for the global economy which need not have resulted in Pearson's divestment of his by then mostly Mexican oil holdings.
As Yemen finds itself in the middle of its own transitional government, the Arab nation is closely watching Egypt's disentanglement from post-revolution President Mohamed Morsi, whose Muslim Brotherhood affiliated government was removed from power on July 3 by Egypt's army following days of protests.
When that happens, disentanglement teams will ride out to try to cut the whale loose.
It is clear enough that the desire for disentanglement (8) from the animal is articulated by most of the British characters, from the sailors through the scientist to the narrator.
Topics include domestic cat impacts on wildlife, the ornamental fish industry, oil spills and seabirds, wild horses on public lands, large whale entanglement and disentanglement, best practices for pet and rehabilitated turtle care.
To summarize: The challenge of architecture is to keep the criteria of autonomy and loose coupling of subsystems very clearly in mind and tackle the difficult issues such as data separation and disentanglement of user interface to accomplish it.
However, environmental noise during transmission can interfere with the system to cause various physical processes such as dissipation, fluctuation, de-coherence, and disentanglement.
The biggest problem family-owned businesses face is the disentanglement of ownership and management, of family issues and work issues.
They represent the final stages of racing's disentanglement from a series of structures that have served it poorly.
The swimmer performed a disentanglement and medical assessment before connecting the hoist to the helicopter hoist ring on my harness.
From the perspective of this reviewer, this conclusion is grossly mistaken; nevertheless, Kawashima's focus on the combination of the sources rather than simply on their disentanglement is both appropriate and welcome.
Its only hope was to be cut free - so the South African Whale Disentanglement Network scrambled to the scene off the Cape Town coast.