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straightened out

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He made a furious effort and disentangled himself from Jimmie.
When, on a morning, my unconscious carcass was disentangled from the nets on the drying-frames, whither I had stupidly, blindly crawled the night before; and when the water- front talked it over with many a giggle and laugh and another drink, I was proud indeed.
Finally her hair softened sufficiently to be disentangled from the curl papers; and then Aunt Janet subjected it to a merciless shampoo.
And so any fact in our life, or any record of our fancies or reflections, disentangled from the web of our unconsciousness, becomes an object impersonal and immortal.
The house had enshadowed the tree at first, but as the moon rose higher the two disentangled, and were clear for a few moments at midnight.
He disentangled himself from a pedestrian who had rammed him on the back.
There was a moment of utter bewilderment before her mind could get disentangled from the confused web of dreams; but soon the whole terrible truth urged itself upon her.
Backer, Kranz, and Slager formed high-strength polyethylene films or tapes by skiving a block of disentangled chains.
Contributors particularly note that questions of memory, heritage, identity, and culture are interwoven at local, ethnic, national, and global levels and are not easily disentangled.
a fire crew from Solihull arrived and disentangled his parachute.
They disentangled me from my tri-walker and lifted me to my feet.
Previous studies have further shown that large PEO entanglements are more efficient fines flocculants than disentangled PEO (Abdallah, 2002; Bednar et al.
The plots and subplots have been disentangled, their chronology sorted, their characters' motives clarified, and their language simplified, but Timson's careful synopses seamlessly incorporate so much of the imagery and so many of Shakespeare's lines and soliloquies from actual performances by leading actors into the kid-friendly framework that the stories retain a distinctly Shakespearean flavor.
What in one viewing looked like Americanized pieces of Cartier-Bresson poetic doubling in another couldn't be disentangled from a set of densely stratified spatial and perceptual conundrums that at once posit the transparency of photography and question it at every level.
The Fly believes Europe will become increasingly important for UK betting firms, as restrictions are gradually disentangled, but he is not so sure that home-elected MEPs are on side.