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Synonyms for disentangle

Synonyms for disentangle

to free from an entanglement

Synonyms for disentangle

release from entanglement of difficulty

free from involvement or entanglement

separate the tangles of

smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb

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After all, if a single object was owned by "overlapping, sometimes competing" social networks, how could the newly-imposed American legal system disentangle that web?
A Zero rider from inception, he chose to disentangle himself from Jamie's considerable legacy and head/facial hair.
His insights will allow us to disentangle fact from fiction and what works from what doesn't.
The bill seeks to disentangle the current law, which makes it difficult for the members of the armed forces or a family member to receive the reduced rate, according to supporters.
The main focus is to disentangle the responsibilities for medical training, which are currently shared by the government and universities.
When Mario's plight was reported in this newspaper little over a week ago we asked for the authorities to disentangle the red tape that was in danger of smothering this family.
But we should disentangle the different levels of 'nature' here and how we relate to them.
Who will disentangle the love of one's own people, which is a great quality, from the dislike of another people?
The authors cite several potential limitations of their study, including the lack of information about the timing of the behaviors studied (which made it impossible to disentangle cause and effect), the unavailability of data from both parents and the wording of the items defining the risk behaviors.
The National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine formed a committee of national experts and practitioners of early childhood development to "update scientific knowledge about the nature of early development and the role of early experiences, to disentangle such knowledge from erroneous popular beliefs .
We cannot be sure, however, that we will be able to completely disentangle these effects from other influences in the economy.
It's just difficult to disentangle these factors" from sleep in assessing the effects of each on diabetes risk, Nilsson says.
Aaron and Reischauer's main contribution is to disentangle these two matters, to consider the merits of social insurance and the problem of closing Social Security's deficit as separate questions.
Religious and cultural differences are sometimes difficult to disentangle, says Dana Yala.
Azcarraga added that, in order to disentangle television from politics, he will urge the government to change the laws on TV ratings reports, which are often subject to manipulation.