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Synonyms for disengage

Synonyms for disengage

to separate one thing from another thing

to remove from association with

to free from an entanglement

Synonyms for disengage

release from something that holds fast, connects, or entangles

free or remove obstruction from

become free

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They said to reduce speed, the captain should have disengaged the autopilot and raised the nose manually, but that he did not disengage the autopilot and pulled the control wheel, which in turn caused the nose to move sharply up and down repeatedly.
Archbishop Gervais' rhetorical question, "Does the fear of being tainted permit us to disengage from politics?
It is time for management and the professional staff to disengage, take a step back, and engage in broader discussions than those directly relevant to the immediate conflict.
We see this effect even if they have closed eyes and they have nothing to disengage from.
Supports that are simple to disengage with 1 hand with an upward lifting motion, disengaging the catch and retracting the cover support.
As more voters stay away from the polls, they might also start to disengage from other civic responsibilities, from willing participation on juries to respect for civic institutions.
Because it induces a cell to disengage from its surroundings and float freely, Twist lets nascent cells migrate.
You'll notice it does not disengage after you highlight a range; it will remain in effect until you click on it again.
So the temptation for the American novelist is to disengage from society and from experience: it's cheaper, it fits better with the current idea of genius, it's easier on the legs, and it's a political-cultural role that seems to make sense, given the place the country makes for its serious writers.
Also, the additional weight of slat armor sometimes means there's not enough pressure available to disengage the ramp locks.
For safety, the wheels disengage when the chair lifts.
All they had to do was disengage the autopilot and fly the plane manually, he says.